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Trump, the Great Trouble Maker in Troubled Times — 11 Comments

  1. Beautiful word Veronika. We shall continue to pray for President Donald J. Trump and his entire family’s safety and protection from the onslaught of satanic forces that seek to harm and destroy them. May the Lord Jesus Christ keep them safe and surrounded by His grace, mercy, compassion and love. Praise Adonai.

  2. Trump is a delusion.  The church must rid itself of the Trump lie, and head into the revival future the Lord Jesus has planned.  Seek God about who is truly anointed. He will show you in November 2022 in California.

    • Jim, thank you extremely very much for your post. If God wants Trump in again, then the Body of Christ has a ton of praying to do so that God will do a miracle in his heart.  As one example, besides Trumps agreement with the hell genocide vaccine, the word MAGA that is on the hats of Trump supporters means witchcraft and is the name of the fifth highest degree in the church of satan.  Witchcraft on their heads and minds.
      God had me look up the etymology of the word “mask”, and it means witchcraft or specter. So people wearing masks on their faces are blinded by the spell of witchcraft. The Body of Christ compliant with this evil keeps them from seeing the truth about Trump. As I said in my earlier post it stops them from seeing that we need to forgive him for pushing the genocide shots and the murders that came from it and all the other evils he has been part of.
      We know that the satanists behind the one world order do not want a God fearing man in the presidential seat but God can do anything. I hope you are right and that God will give our country someone who will stand for righteousness. That person will need many many prayers for protection because w know that the government kills those who oppose their evil narratives. The Body of Christ needs to pray that the Body of Christ and its pastors and leadership are facing the Evils and mt living in a Trump La La Land. If he is to be president then he needs to repent and change. That should be the Body of Christ prayer.

  3. To All, I am a trouble maker if that is what someone putting the Truth out is. The fact is Trump declared the emergency with non essentials like bottom class Hindus and then brought forth, hastened and ordered a toxic gene editing suicide shot that has killed and caused much suffering to millions across the earth.  In my own family one brother got Parkinson’s and another got leukemia—after taking the genocide shot—and Trump is still bragging about how wonderful it is. The man who “said” that he would drain the swamp, instead surrounded himself with swamp creatures from the council on foreign relations and on and on. He did the executive order banning parts of guns, bump stocks and set a president for executive orders to erode our second amendment rights. There are too many other evils that he has done to put here. The kill clot shots alone are the worst thing a president has done other than presidents getting us into the two world wars, Vietnam etc.
    God has some miracles to do before this man is righteous and will actually do anything that he “says” that he will do. Please every one ask God to help us face the Truth. To want to face the Truth, no matter how ugly.

    • Joanie, I shall start off this reply with explaining Donald Trump. Donald Trump is but a man and prone to mistakes like the rest of us. How many of his original team has he trusted to only be let down by them? I don’t know of any servant of the Most High, past or present, who was/is “perfect” (David the Psalmist being a good example) However, I believe that you can rest assured that DJ Trump is God’s anointed for this Time and Season.
      From your list of Donald’s “misdemeanours” I can only conclude that you gather this “truth” from MSM. Time will show you what lies they have told, what truths they have hidden and what they have manipulated to create a narrative.
      But more needs to be said here and it concerns you! I don’t think you are a troublemaker, but that you yourself are troubled, for I believe that in your last 2 sentences God has shown me, to my surprise, that it is you that actually seeks the truth (substitute “us” for “me”) You do not really know who or what to believe. Trust God and seek His Council
      Numbers 23:19 KJV…God is not a man, that he should lie;
      (Matthew 6:33 … and all these things shall be added to you )
      Posted in love!

      • Ed. Thank you for your reply. I will pray about what you said but I do not need the main stream news information. Trump himself has bragged about the warp speed experimental dna and rna altering suicide shots. He has not repented. He is still proud of himself. People who think he is anointed are not looking at the Truth. The children are now dying and suffering from these clot shots also. Trump should be demanding that they be removed and banned. Please look at the very rotten fruit that this man’s actions are. Without looking and seeing the evil man that he is, it is impossible to forgive (since there is no admittance of his great crimes it is hard to know what needs forgiving) and pray properly that God completely change him to be a man that will do the right thing for our country.

    • Everyone need to know that who, or rather “what” we see is probably not what it is. Advanced technology and digitasion has paved the way for this worldwide deception, which Scriptures speaks about, but until these days has not been clearly understood.

      One can say that when “Biden” talked about the “biggest voterfraud ever”, then it was actually another fraud than the “visible”. The visible was only for the reason of cover the real fraud.

      We (now) know from Rev.13:14-17 that the same time when you can not “sell and by” (greek word “agora”, which also speaks of gathering and traveling) without receiving the mark, they had also made an image with a “spirit”, which is the same as being able of advanced thinking. This speaks of AI at such high level that you cannot discern the difference between a real or unreal human (or a certain to you familiar person).

      “…lest ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven image, the similitude of any figure, the likeness of male or female (cyborg/clone,genetic manipulation etc.) Deut.4:16

  4. The strength of Israel is not a man & can never lie nor repent! What HE says HE will do! Prophetic Words released in 2021 playing out in 2022 & even beyond. Every cover up by the enemies will be uncovered by our God! May this be the beginning of troubles for the enemies of president Trump that will lead to their dethronement. Let’s keep praying for God’s divine Mercy; strength on president Trump & for all Americans to see & know the Truth so as to be set Free. God shield you & your family prophetess Veronika.

  5. Amen!! This brought back a word I heard yesterday by a fellow prophet. He said to get ready, because like Ananius and Sapphira, many will suddenly drop dead for their lying hearts and deceitful tongues…yipes!!
    Thank you for sharing Veronika.
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

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