God Is About to Shake Hollywood!


America pray!  For Hollywood is on the heart of God in this hour!

The hand of God is about to shake Hollywood

Early this morning I heard the Spirit of God say to me, “Watch, for My hand is about to shake Hollywood.  My Glory shall fall and the spirit of the fear of the LORD shall come upon those who have resisted My Word, My way and My will.

Watch, as Hollywood shakes under the power of My Glory.

Watch as My hand moves to pull down and uproot every false foundation and false religion.

Beloved, fear not, for My mercy is moving.  My mercy is moving for My desire is that none should perish!”

As I heard the spirit speak, I saw the hand of God take hold of Hollywood and begin to shake it violently.  I watched as every false idol and false foundation was removed.

The fear of the LORD began to fall upon the hearts of the rich and the powerful.  Scales began to fall from their eyes.  In but a moment, I saw their hearts of stone turned to hearts of flesh.

Then I saw the Hollywood sign ablaze with a great fire and I saw the word REVIVAL being rewritten upon the mountain side.

I submit to you friends, there is a great shaking and great spiritual awakening coming to Hollywood.

Father showed me that a sign of this great shaking and awakening will be the sudden and unexpected death of well known Hollywood celebrity.

Pray that Hollywood will become Hollywood to the glory of God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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