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Pray: The Submarines Are Coming! — 7 Comments

  1. Joseph interpreted the number 7 in the dream of Pharaoh of 7 emaciated cows and 7 fat ones as representing a period of 7 years. I would therefore conclude that the dream you saw 10 years ago of 10 wartime submarines is about to be fulfilled. The 10 whales has the same meaning. It is reminding you of what you saw 10 years ago.

  2. In the time prior to the Antichrist, while WW3 is happening, America is destroyed by Fire and Pestilence. Fire represents Nuclear weapons. These are Nuclear Submarines. God set it in their hearts to hate the Prostirute (Revelation) Amongst WW3 America is Destroyed according to Revelation and this is when The Antichrist rises to power and declares world peace. Sorry typing on a Phone…. But the Submarines Prophet Hansen already explained years ago.

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