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God’s Army is Taking Recruits! — 7 Comments

  1. The hammer will fall. But who or what will be under that hammer. I hear believers everywhere shouting about all the sin in the world. The army that is coming are almost all those the local churches have kicked to the curb. A remnant is about to stand who are not afraid of sin because they truly believe and walk in the fact it has been destroyed at the cross. That we are a new creation now and Christ in you is stronger than religion or all the squeaking going on in the world. That all that is happening is because almost no one’s believes the blood was enough. All need to stand and get ready to see a people who truly will run through a troop or jump over a wall. It is the days of Noah and it will not be water this time it will be the fire of Gods presence in a few who would rather die than been the knee. 2/17 is upon us people.

  2. This posting is full of wisdom & truth.
    ‘I wait on the Lord, my whole being waits, and upon His Word is my hope”

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