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God’s People Need Hope Now More Than Ever — 2 Comments

  1. Hitting the MARK today, dear one. Each moment of every day I grow more sure I do not know my own heart. Just last night, the Lord showed me something that I thought I had dealt with and it slipped right back into my heart. This time the Lord showed me why it kept coming back was a deep root in me that this person echoed back to me constantly. WHO KNEW? Only the one whose love never fails. We must walk softly, speak gently, and carry a mirror to see ourselves as we look and respond to others. Thanks for sharing. May we never lose our identity as sheep and know we are part of a flock as we wander into the thicket of wolves waiting to devour us. May we stand together AS ONE and Unify with grateful hearts. xoxo Sandi

    • Absolutely so, Sandi. Will give an example here, as I was reminded of the same thing concerning myself. This was many years back. The Lord had broken off a ‘poverty spirit’ in me and I walked in freedom. (It had set in as a child) Then later I found myself worrying about financial matters all over again. As I layed myself before the Lord asking what happened, Father God spoke: “You keep taking it back”! It sure is a daily cleansing in His Presence letting Jesus shine the light. Thank God for the forgiveness of sins. I’m a work in progress. Love you sis.

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