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  1. Thanks Elizabeth!
    Ah but I already knew most of your Jewish connection above, having looked you up. So it was very basic seeming to me, the word that I gave you. Like: you are going to breathe today. Haha. I shall pray a bit more into it.
    Ok so more: “I will bless your ministry further”, says God, “and the older you get the more blessed you will be”, says God. Amen.
    Wow cool. PRAISE GOD!!!

  2. Hahaha I’m supposed to give you a prophetic word. So here goes: “Elizabeth your future ministry definitely involves Israel”.
    So this may seem like the lamest most basic prophetic word ever, but a word is a word.
    God used to get me to say “God loves you”, to women mainly, usually in a church conference setting. Basic word. But they would often burst into tears because it was what they needed to hear.

    • Thank you Adrian. You are correct – I’ve been a part of ministering to Israel for a long time. My late spouse (a Messianic Jewish believer, and son of (believing) Jewish holocaust survivor’s- had a prophetic ministry to Israel (and the Church). So your discernment is on targe:) Blessings

    • Never apologize for what seems a ‘simple word’ for sometimes – that’s what we really need. It’s profound. I never tire of hearing God loves me. In this crazy world – we need to drink that in. Thank you kind soul :)

  3. Just like the other commenters I can say your insights are so right on for me as well. I used to think that when I/we got to this point in time of God’s kingdom process that things would have become clearer and clearer so that by now there wouldn’t be so many questions so many unknowns.  But here we all are, just where God wants us, but so undefined from our perspective. 

    He has told me more than once that if He tells me all of His plans for me then the enemy would know as well and He wants it to be a surprise attack.

    Blessings in the journey!

    • Thank you Robert for your thoughts. Interesting point the Lord told you- that if He tells you too much (ahead of time), then, ‘the thief’ – the devil knows it too. Our great God is an amazing strategist, is He not. Always steps ahead of everything!

  4. Hi Elizabeth. This so expresses how we feel. Others have spoken and said it well. I am happy to see the 70s club is alive and well. I will be 75 this July and I’m still learning and still letting go..The song let go and let God have his wonderful way came to mind. His ways are higher than our ways, and better than our ways. The familiar is a place of security, and in letting go, we must surrender and trust that the Lord has us in the palm of His hand. Daily we surrender more fully. I have discovered the only secure place is holding tight, onto to Jesus. thank you, Elizabeth.❤️

    • Yes Patricia – no matter how old we are – we are all still ‘kids’ in the spectrum of eternity. We never stop learning – I guess because there is no limit to the wisdom and glory that is God.

  5. Bravo Elizabeth..so well said! Everyone already said it all! Love and blessings, sweet friend, I think I am the oldest! But still holding tightly to HIS hand. LOL! Sandi

    • Dear Sweet Sandi –

      Your posts are refreshing to me- like cold water on a hot day. You carry a gentle peace about you – and it is so needed in the harshness of this world. Blessings to you.

  6. Like Wow, Elizabeth and now Dorothea!
    At 70 years of age and 71 just being 5 days off now on the 28th.. so much of this resonates with my spirit.
    My heart is to be faithful until death and run over the finish line with victory in our belts! Sure it is yours also.
    The Lord has never failed us yet, and is surely not going to now. Those of us that don’t meet on this side will for sure meet on the other.  May we continue to fight the good fight of faith together. ❤️

  7. Hi, Elizabeth,

    I can so much relate to your thoughts here!
    „ The last 4 decades have marked me for ‘something’ — I just don’t know what “it” is yet. All I know for certain is what “no longer fits”.

    We though know about our calling since decades but have not been functioning in it in its full meaning, but have been waiting, praying, crying ou for the fulfillment for so long. As we are now in our 70 ties and strength has been waning,
    sight and hearing diminished, we need faith like Abraham to see all to come true!
    Since my youth I have been in the „business of the Lord“ in some kind, but the longing to see and experience what the Bible describes left a longing in me/us that has npt been met so far.

    Yet we know for sure, that the former and latter rain will be outpoured and that we are at an „appointed time“ in God‘s calender! (Matth. 25 and Matth. 24:24)

    Rich blessings


    • Blessings to both of you wonderful ladies (Joyce, Dorothea). Yes for sure, we can meet at heavens Cafe, enjoy a latte & a Danish, and laugh at how quickly this life has passed – if we dont meet here. Your comments are treasured – let’s me know others feel the same.

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