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  1. as i was interceding the other day i was led to pray concerning redemption and inheritance as i prayed the Lord showed me a huge rain cloud it was swelled suddenly there was a cloudburst and there were raindrops falling colored red and gold upon the earth. i was impressed by the Holy Spirit the red raindrops represented Christs redeeming blood and the gold raindrops represented a heavenly inheritance the riches of Gods glorious presence.

  2. I pastor a church here in india,After the service yesterday which was glorious,came out to our car to drive home and I see Gold- dust on the windshield of the car. It’s just soooooo wonderful and I’ve captured the video .

    Last month on the last week the same thing happened in our home when we had a worship and intercession and then we came down to take our car it was on our car too .

  3. Gold dust fell a whole city block in Missouri yesterday. Prayers we get more and more belonger in his presence here as all left as ran out at end of their service. When holy presence was in that house of worship. A new song from one of the first fruit of satanic reformer just belted a heart song and all present sang the new lyrics from throne room. As all clear out One soul remain in the dark with all electric off one light stay on as it was power by faith. The daylight was shining that new white light
    They say It been burning for years God is on move the driest land in state it has connection to 1970 Asbury as got on fire by a girl testimony that came home shared Jesus love in home then spread to churches. Her brother is pastor of this worship house. He got so sad to see the flock scatter then weight of glory was happening, they ran away. Northwest Mo please pray we are college town also. They stay in his presence by desire of wills.

  4. I agree with you! Yesterday at church I was praying in the spirit and then out of my mouth came, “just as you overlaid the Ark of the Covenant with gold, overlay us with gold!” And I kept saying it as strange as it was. So I grabbed my journal and pen and began writing it all down and I’m so glad I did!!

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