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  1. so many are reporting repentance from sin is being taught/ expressed at this event . the opposite is happening.the doctrine of “love” they are spreading there is false. many are testifying of believing they have been saved feeling loved by a God who condones their homosexuality their pro abortion all of the woke agenda ideology even same sex marriage in churches as fine holy no need for repenting but instead spread this ideology as Gods truth far & wide. sign of the last days deception the bible warns about imho

  2. We must also brace for the false revivals…ones where kundalini is spread; repentance not emphasized.  False signs and wonders.  Discernment is crucial!

    • Lynette, bracing for them just has you standing still like a statue.

      Discernment, praying for exposure of anything unholy, binding religion, deaf & dumb, witchcraft, sorcery, kundalini, unholy words & actions, & calling for the “Mighty Ones” & all other Holy Angels assigned to the revival to protect & keep it & all those coming & attending safe from harm, danger, accidents, pre-mature death and destruction. Ask for God to put a Holy dome over the university & keep out the ones not intended to come. Ask God to send Angel’s to help those who need help.Ask God for provision.

      If there are manifestations people dont understand to let those who are to steward the revival, do their jobs. If no ones around to quietly go ask the person why they are doing it. Everything God does in & through mankind is not always easy to understand & definitely doesnt always make sense. Manifestations usually have spiritual meanings & we dont want to try stop something God has assigned / told someone to do & offend Holy Spirit in so doing.

      Stewarding a revival isnt as easy as it may seem.  Always seek God.

      Blessings, Bev

  3. Praise the Lord! You can search youtube for “Revival spreading to Uganda” and “Revival spreads to Lee University”.  Praise the Lord!!

  4. Thank you Beverly for this awesome message from the Lord.  I totally agree with you about praying to support this revival and pray for the youth.  I was so excited to see the way He is moving with repentance and holiness.  He knows for sure what He is doing.  Just like the church of the Book of Acts this was so awesome.  I felt His presence from watching this services and could not get away from it as it blessed me so much!!! I believe that no one will stop His work, no matter what it looks like, He will have His way.  I covet your prayers for salvation for my family.  Much love and blessings to you and family.

  5. Oh Bev how beautiful the way you shared this. I saw that very same video.
    Also your dream was powerful and a warning to guard against the thief coming to try to steal kill and destroy. We must be much in prayer over this move of God! I love you sis.

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