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  1. It Is Exactly 12:00am April 12 2023 That I Have Just Finished Reading and Writing This Revelation.
    This Message Is So Timely For Me.
    This Draws Me Closer To The HOLY SPIRIT.
    I Am Grateful That LORD Have Been Using You Beverly To Be A Huge Blessing To My Life Ever Since I Started Following HIS Messages Through You. GOD Bless You More In JESUS Name.

  2. This was exactly what I needed to read this day, Bev. Thank you for all you shared.

    Through this posting the Lord spoke a confirmation to something I’ve been seeking the Lord about.

    It concerns a walk and close reconnection with a Warrior sister. I have always loved you and your heart for the deep things of God.

    God bless you and strengthen you in the Kingdom.

    • Joyce,
      You are so LOVED by the LORD, beyond any measure that you could use on earth. He LOVES your heart of compassion, justice, righteousness, & truth. You dont waiver / compromise, but see it through without flinching.

      You’ve recently gone through some serious tests from the LORD, but have passed with FLYING COLORS! He is so PROUD of you & your determination to fulfill whatever assignment HE gives you.

      BELOVED, you have many jewels in your heavenly crown, & they are well deserved.  BLESSINGS to you! Much love, Bev

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