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Golden Threads Reveal a Divine Sequence and a Prophetic Timeline — 4 Comments

  1. For the LORD is great and merciful. What you see in these 3 visions for the nations on a macro level is unfolding on a micro level in the hearts of those who are in Christ.

    As we learn to take up the “robe of repentance” we suddenly realize the depth of the delusion we have been under. The overt sins are what we confess first, but then there are the things we believe in and do without thinking that are in opposition to HIS WORD.

    I can relate to these 3 visions on a micro level because HE has taken me this way. The burning out of the dross is uncomfortable to say the least, but then the freedom that comes is beyond natural joy.

    I see this freedom for the nations as the veil of deluded thinking falls and the lies and liars are revealed. It is only through the LOVE and Mercy of our GOD that we are able to repent and return on an individual level and on a national level.

    It is time. The personal shaking we have experienced or are experiencing will bring great rewards if we truly take up the robe of repentance with joy. Therefore, we can have compassion on a national level and for the ones ensnared by the darkness because we know the joy of being truly set free.

    Thank you for you faithfulness and your devotion to our LORD. You are a great encouragement to the world. I release the power of the LOVE of GOD into your and your family. May the fullness of HIS gracious heart enfold you all and keep you forever. I bless you in Jesus’ name.

  2. A few days after the election debacle here in the US …. There Lord showed me 2 archangels standing guard over the roof of the Supreme Court building( highest court in the land), only 2. At the time He said that , like in Daniel, that the rest of the Angelic Host were some way off. I think this has the same symbolism you mention specifically for the USA and it’s destiny ….the angels and the courts!

  3. Veronica, how Powerful this is!!
    7 years ago this month I was stripped of everything!
    I clothed myself in the humility of spiritual sacloth at the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All hell (literally) has broken out in my life. I began praying from the floor (also literally) for about a year and then to the knees and then to my feet. I could hear the mocking and insults flung from hell 24/7, but just kept going. One day when I could hardly take it anymore I pulled over and screamed for God to please help, all went quiet for a moment, and I heard the Spirit say, “This is for the Nation Cheri, we need you to pray.”
    I believe the Burning Swords are the very Ones placed between the flesh and the Garden, and to get back to the shrub we have hidden in we must go through the Burning Swords of Repentance. They cut us to pieces and burn off completely all of the flesh that prevents our Center-out Reflection of the Image of our Father…
    Everything He has shown you resonates within me and makes my Spirit smile!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronica!!
    I’m praying for you!!

  4. The Paralleling Prophetic Symbolism at the end of the lesson was a great help. Thank you for your time and consideration in organizing and posting this timely and overwhelming scenario.

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