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Grasp It! Expect It! — 1 Comment

  1. This is definitely a word for me today, dear Dana!!……….
    I always felt as I am the second child in line – like the second best, not only because of my weak condition at my birth and physically attacked in my life, but concerning dating in my young years, time of marriage…My 3 other sisters and my brother were always ahead of me in this so that I felt like the left out and overlooked one, though several guys tried to date me in whom I was not interested. During those years I was invilved in mission ministries instead and went to Bible School later instead, In the course of that I finally met my husband……
    We are still waiting for all to happen that we have been prophesied. Amongst other things was said that our life-course reflected that of Jacob and our calling would be like Josephs‘…………….This is encouraging today!!

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