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  1. Regarding everything happening in America right now being an illusion.  The word I hear is “manufactured”.  The turmoil we see is planned by a diabolical few and executed by well paid actors.  The fact that the “ground troops” are being paid to wreak havoc means they will stop when the money runs out.  They will also stop giving their allegiance to the diabolical cabal who can’t pay them anymore.  The body of Christ must be ready to fill the leadership vacuum when the current money spigot dries up.

  2. Amen. Dear Chris, The Company of Prophets is still active! My TRUMP shoes are wearing thin because I have been standing since before the Lord spoke to me I was a called intercessor for TRUMP..that was when I was at Morningstar and Rick was crying, NO, Ted Cruz. I thought Trump was a rich playboy, that was all I knew and when I said that to the LORD, HE said, HE is on Assignment from heaven, pray! So What a day we are seeing in America and actually around the world. P.S. I have come to LOVE TRUMP so much that it couldn’t have come from anyone but OUR SAVIOR! Thanks for you great posts, dear brother. Sandi

    • Thank you faithful prophets and intercessors.  I am growing in my intercessory gift. Given short words or dreams. However aligned with the more detail the Lord gives you.  I have been seeing 911 almost daily and not just on clocks. I just pray that destruction from enemy will not prevail whenever I see it.

    • Thank you Sandi.
      I must admit, when I first heard Trumps name connected to politics, I was with the doubters, but I’ve grown to admire him enormously, and to be amazed at the way the Lord is using him.
      Love from Linda and I

  3. Brother Chris,

    Your post is in keeping with the direction the Lord seems to be highlighting- which in essence is “Stand your ground, no retreat”. Just read Sis. Mary A. post before yours- she referenced Israel King David & his army at Ziklag – another NO RETREAT scenario to recover all (which was the same scripture ref. Lord gave me other day, in my post). Seems the Lord is speaking to us all same theme – ‘Hold the fort, don’t cower, don’t back up – Forward March’. God is definitely up to something mighty.Shalom. Elizabeth Cassutto

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