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Hanukkah is Coming up Soon! — 7 Comments

  1. Never experienced anything like this before. Enjoyed immensely. Makes me think about the CHANGE we’re all going into, this is like an intro to what’s coming when Heavenly Kingdom is set in place.  Newness and change is coming with Kingdom Principles, a glimpse of Heaven on Earth, today.  Thank you Joyce for sharing, enjoyed the Shofar and the music was excellent selection.

    • Thank you Betty. As you know some are always waiting for ‘one day’. OUR LORD is ever present everyday right here with us! I love you sister and friend.

  2. Dear Joyce, This is filled with so much love! I could feel the LORD’s Presence as I listened and even afterwards when the recording was done. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us. What a wonderful blessing you are!  Much love to you! ❤️ Gabrielle

    • Thank you all, Gabrielle, Oil of Joy, Sandi and Patricia.
      Please forgive me for being behind in replies. I’m so glad it blessed you all. That touches my heart much! Good to have you all in my home! :) Love, prayers and hugs! ❤️

  3. Joyce, So powerfully full of peace. Thanks very much for sharing. As Patrica so well said, “Simple is best”. Happy Hanukkah, my sister. xoxo Sandi

  4. Joyce, that was simply lovely. I enjoyed every moment there with you.  It touched my heart. Last year my menorah arrived late but this year I will celebrate and I would love to play your recording as I was not sure just how to do my first celebration. Simple is best. My menorah is about the same size. So appreciate your opening your heart to share with us. I felt I was there in the living room with you. I always love hearing the shofar and I really do not have anything to play music so this is lovely. Again. Thankyou dear Joyce. ❤️

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