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Hear the Sound of the Reclaimers Cry! — 4 Comments

  1. this happened today in South Africa..  a warcry, taking back what the enemy stole, our peace, the love, families. the warriors marched, what a moment it was..the cry of new birth..  indeed God comes through for His children.
    All praise and honor to our Father

  2. HALLELUJAH to the might God of ALL creation. Blessed be the name of the LORD and His servant who has delivered this good news to all who have waited on the LORD and His faithfulness in the land of the living. May our Father bless you into the overflow for delivering hope and promises (Yes and Amen) to all who have labored for the Love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Shalom!!!

  3. Yes I am praising Him. I notice everywhere around, it is also a time wherein dreams and visions (particularly about the rapture) are exploding, snce Passah.

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