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Do Not Stagger at the Promises of God! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for this encouragement, also thanks be to the 2 commenters postings. And yes – GOD is a great mathematic, too. EVERYTHING is tuned very, very fine, correct and perfect. Every minute, every second, every cell of our body, every piece of sand, every star, all is counted, and so every tear. He is more than amazing. He is THE ALMIGHTY.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing us
    I wondered for some time now what the numbers I see means, as I continuallu see three equal numbers, especially 444. I am not good with numbers and their meaning. I had to read more, trying to understand what the Lord is showing me.
    I missed walking about in Israel, and during reading about numbers, I remembered the good memories like the man with a wonderful smile on a donkey in Bethlehem who invited my son to ride with him. I remembered singing with my daughter in a cistern under Jerusalem. I remembered my granddaughter jumping up and down repeatedly saying, “Come in, come in” :-) Wonderful gift to be able to remember, remembering touching moments and being thankful of those gifts of God is good for health. The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart.
    I read Doug’s article “How music can boost your healing” and decided to listen to this awesome music. As I shifted a CD, I saw the number of the next CD: 444 The Key of David! So there it was :-) The Lord then caused me to see the words “suffer” and then “egress”, He said “Be still” and later, “Sit down” as if I was at a medical consultation, and I am, I see that now. The Lord healed my grieving soul during December and January, now it is my physical healing next. Surely, the Lord always cause things to happen that He promised. May God bless you and your dear friends and families. Lucia Ludvigsen

  3. This is truly a confirmation. The Holy Spirit spoke something into my spirit in 2015. I saw many signs that followed. I am not seeing as many signs but I know I serve a god that cannot lie. Frustration sometimes sets in but just reading your post today I strengthen my faith that God will fulfill his promise to me.

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