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  1. Peter, about 3 years ago, I kept telling the Lord, Spirit I wanted to ‘GO DEEPER’, ‘GO HIGHER’, or ‘GO FARTHER’ IN HIM, (Holy Spirit,JESUS). The Spirit showed me a ‘Vision’; like as ‘unto a huge water Tank.. Round, standing Vertical… As I looked, I saw myself STANDING, ‘IMMERSED’ in the center / middle of this tank.. and it was ‘FILLED’/ FULL of WATER ! I knew the Water represented HIS HOLY SPIRIT,,’IN HIM, HIS SPIRIT’. Scriptures in the New Testament say Repeatedly, “IN HIM”..we Can DO ALL THINGS,etc. IN HIM, & HIM /His Spirit ‘IN US’ as in JOHN chapters 14-17 speak of this position in HIM. JESUS HIMSELF Speaking here unto John. But yes, Spirit told me to NO LONGER SAY, “Going HIGHER, Going DEEPER, Going Farther IN HIM..  HE was saying to me, “YOU ARE Going ‘NO WHERE’–For you are already within ME, ‘IMMERSED’ WITHIN MY SPIRIT’. So I had to change my Concept of MY RELATIONSHIP WITHIN HIM !  Similar to an Unborn Child within its Mother’s Womb.. IN HIM, & HE IN ME, a Divine EXCHANGE because we are ‘SPIRIT’ WITH-IN ‘SPIRIT’… NO ‘FLESH’ Involved Herein !  We, as ‘Fallen Mentality’ seem to Perceive Everything in our Relation to God as if IN & BY OUR FLESH.. But Not So, it is ‘BY OUR, HIS SPIRIT under HIS NEW COVENANT, BLOOD & SPIRIT !  BLOOD = ‘LIFE’ is IN HIS WORDS, SPIRIT !  Peter, yes, It should always be TRUTHFULLY Spoken with REVELATION as “IMMERSED WITHIN HIS SPIRIT.

  2. “…so that you can become emerged in Me.”

    I might be wrong, but should the word “emerged” be replaced with “immersed”?

  3. Thank you Father… I press in with expectation!  I long to find You in the hidden places, partake of the deeper things, be sanctified by your presence in me, the strategies, the fullness of your glory shown more and more as I become closer to your heart.  This battle has been hard fought, I need You to increase in me, less of me.

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