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America: Great Triumph and Recompense — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for being my best friend as I have separated myself from sinful relationships years ago. Some years ago the Lord gave me scripture in Gen. 12:1-3 three times within minutes. I knew that was a start of something important (on the toes with me). We needed to humble ourselves in order to have our land healed (2 Chron. 7:14). information were sent about God’s beloved Israel to our wordly leaders in Greenland and told they should include Israel in the priestly blessing in church (not yet happened maybe I sent it to a wrong office, but you know what, the Lord of lords saw it). They were told that we could never jump into Israels enemy camp. God was and is determined and He sent a great move to heal our land and it is in progress. How wonderful are His plans with us. We prayed for Israel. Look up and ask the Lord for HIS HEADLINES, who would be His servant for Israel? Pray for him… God bless you all and thank you for listening. Lucia Ludvigsen

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