His Kingdom Criers are Coming!


His Kingdom criers are coming, watch for there will be a sudden shift, for everything is about to change!

For a Week now, I have heard the sound of loud bells ringing!

I have asked for the interpretation all week, and today the Holy Spirit spoke to me and revealed to me what I have been hearing.

This Afternoon I heard him say, “My Kingdom criers are coming, they shall go forth to establish my plans and purposes upon the earth in this hour, watch for everything is about to suddenly shift and change direction.”

Immediately these words were quickened to me, “What I tell you in the darkness, SPEAK in the light; and what you HEAR whispered in your ear, PROCLAIM upon the housetops,”    Matthew 10:27.

Then suddenly I saw many being delivered out of the mouth of a fierce Lion, and I heard these words,  “And the LORD stood with me, and strengthened me, in order that through me the proclamation might be fully accomplished, and that all the Gentiles might hear; and I was delivered out of the lion’s mouth!”

Then Again I heard the sound of bells ringing, and suddenly I saw a mighty Army of Kingdom Criers rising up across the Nations.

I watched as the sound of their voices went forth across the land.  I watched as with every word that came out of their mouths something amazing was created, formed, or made, their words were full of supernatural power and creative energy.  Their words were life giving and life saving.

The power of their words went forth pulling down mighty strongholds of the enemy across the land.  Their words carried the weight of His Glory, Authority and creative power, and their words carried out His every bidding and controlled the powers of the universe.

Nothing stood in the way of these mighty ones, these called out ones, these were the Kingdom Criers of Destiny and no power or force of darkness could hinder or halt the power of their advancing.

I Prophesy:   NOW is the time for His Kingdom Criers to Arise and go forth in the power and Authority of Heaven,

NOW is the time for them to cry out with a loud voice SPEAKING forth the plans, purposes and promises of God into all the earth,

NOW is the time that His Kingdom Criers will Decree and Declare that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

NOW is the time that the Criers will Step out from the shallows into the deeper waters, where deep calls to deep.

NOW is the time that the power of their words will Establish the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.

NOW is the time for Victory to be made manifest.

NOW is the time at the sound of their cries we will see His hand moving swiftly to deliver, revive, rescue, release, restore and heal our lands.

I Prophesy:  This is the hour and season where God is releasing supernatural Wisdom and Revelation to His Kingdom Criers, for there is a divine rearrangement and realignment that is taking place in the realms of the spirit over the Nations.

I see a large Treasure Chest being unlocked and opened.  God is releasing the hidden mysteries of His Glory for the prosperity of the Nations.  Father is releasing to His Sons and Daughters a new level and a greater measure of Kingdom resources in this hour.

Many will begin to receive divine strategy, supernatural understanding and greater spiritual insight.  Many are already experiencing a new level of access, acceleration and Kingdom advancement.  Many are being divinely re-positioned and even relocated by the hand of God for He is making available to them that which has been concealed in the secret places in the heavenly realms for He is rebuilding His Church is this hour.

I Prophesy:   That as His Kingdom Criers will advance in greater authority and the power of His creative Word will go forth to change, transform and reform the Nations of the earth, His mighty word upon their lips will bring about a divine disruption and confusion to the enemies camp.

The spoken word will cause many things to be reordered and realigned in the realms of the spirit.  There will be a sudden shift and change to the spiritual atmosphere in the Earth.  There will be a divine displacement that will overturn and overthrow the secret plans and purposes of the evil one in this hour.

I see Bridges forming in the realms of the spirit, bridges that are connecting Heaven to Earth.

I See Angels Ascending and descending carrying bowls of Fresh Oil.

I see a Greater Anointing being poured out in this hour.

God is sending and releasing the reinforcements of Heaven on the Wings of His Angelic messengers in this season.

Friends get ready for a sharp and sudden shift, everything is about to change!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. Thank you, Abba I am here to serve you, please Abba reveal to me your plans for me. So I can forth in your name and proclaim the good news to all those you have not heard your Gospel of Truth, May I go forth in Yehoshua’s Mighty name we pray. Amen ~ Thank you Veronika May the Lord continue to bless you and inspire you with His Divine Set-A-Part-Spirit.

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