The Next Step -That I May Know Him!


I have no righteousness of my own.  It is absolutely mandatory that a person fully realizes this; if they expect to ever be mightily used of God.

You see, we were never meant to be just a little bit gifted or even a little bit anointed of the Holy Ghost.  When we received the baptism of the Spirit, we were all destined to have great Spiritual abilities. There were many things that we were to accomplish with this gift that we had been given.

It’s been said here that there is a difference in knowing about Christ and actually knowing Him on a one-on-one basis.  All of the New Testament is about a journey with Him.  It’s all about Him; what we can know, and what we can be in Him.

I supposed it may not have occurred to many of us down through the years, to ask one simple question.  What did Jesus say about…….?

Contrary to some of our actions, the apostles did not preach or teach a message other than what our LORD taught.  Do we remember, they warned against contention?

We can’t do great things in the Spirit, if we do not know Jesus Christ.  Oh, we know that some did some things, but it all came to nothing.  He didn’t really know them and we can likely assume that they did not know Him either.

But we’d say they did this and that, and truly, that’s exactly what they did do; this and that.  Since we were told that we should not judge anyone, (and we’ll let that topic be for the moment), we were led to believe it was not right to ask questions.  Just how shallow were some folk, we passed on our way?

It was all about a price.  We knew that then.  We fully accepted that we would go through some of the things He did.  It was part of the reality of being used by God.

What’s been forgotten perhaps, is that we also knew what the Apostle Paul said.  It would be nothing, when compared to the glory we would share with Him.

This apostle made a statement that we might have studied more. He said, ‘I am not there yet; I have not arrived, I haven’t got it all yet.’   There is yet something that relates with me here.  I’m not where he was; and I may not ever be.  I haven’t counted it all joy, but I’m not giving up.

I’m saying again, so much more was promised to us.  So many truths to know, and signs, wonders and miracles to be done.

Does it really take us getting to the place, that life here and all that goes with it, does not mean anything anymore?

Do we truly have to lose almost everything, in order for the Spirit to move freely through us?

We all know about getting self out of the way; we always knew that.  Then how is it, that self, has become so important again?  Even rampant.  How did this come back so strongly, and who allowed it to be so?

Paul warned the Church to beware of the dogs; beware of evil workers.  Did He only mean out in the world?  Because he also talked about false apostles, deceitful workers, those disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.

Continuing, they want to be regarded as the real thing, but they don’t have it, and they boast that they do.  They disguise themselves as workers of so much righteousness.

What are deceitful workers anyway?  What do they do?  We must be honest that we’ve all met them; but we were not allowed to rebuke them or talk about it.  It was said, it’s not our job.

So many want to be powerful.  They want all of the gifts we were told we should seek for.  This real power that resurrected our LORD.

But let us not forget the next part.  We need to go back and review all of the ways that Jesus suffered in His work.  This suffering, caused a lot of those who started, to drop out somewhere along the way.

We did not want anymore hurt, sadness, loss, rejection or acute testing.  But many of us, got it anyway.  Why?  Because He knows our true hearts.  He should; He chose us eons ago.

Had I never failed, I would’t have realized He never gave up on me.  And He won’t now.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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