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His Truth is Pure Discernment — The Key to Avoid Deception — 7 Comments

  1. And truth shall truly reign, Elizabeth. Nothing can cloud the truth that is coming in this hour. Deception is clever and sly but truth will not be denied. The Lord has anointed you to shout it from the housetops for He is leading the Way for TRUTH to bring LIFE where Death has had a ‘heyday’ but the Law of the spirit of Life shall take the stage and all the world shall stand still and see the one who is TRUTH. Thanks for sharing, dear one. Love and peace, Sandi

  2. Elizabeth,

    I saw you running a race, carrying a banner & calling out to people as you passed by them.  As you continued running, people on the sidelines would gather behind & beside you running with you, supporting you, willing to carry the banner or whatever needed to be done to help you continue in the race. There were obstacles in the way, but you & the team that formed behind you were UNITED & WORKED TOGETHER to overcome every obstacle. In the end, You & the Team with you WON THE RACE!!! Your supporters on the sidelines were ecstatic, while another group was running the other way to hide. I finally got to see the words on the banner. They read, “GOD WINS!”

    You & the team supporting you I believe represent the REMNANT of GOD, who will work together in UNITY, doing whatever GOD calls them to do, to overcome & run the race to WIN FOR THE LORD. GOD used you as the vessel to lead & encourage the people, which is what I saw you doing through this Word.  Well done!  GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

  3. Thank you. Elizabeth.  This is very deep and truth certainly told!
    Loved how you spoke out here: “Deception takes many forms. It is not always bloody and ugly in appearance.  It can appear docile and easy and smooth — almost natural.That’s the worst kind of deception — the flattery of false tongues and promises.  Wherever gain and ease are promised without suffering, you are being lied to..”
    God bless you, sis. Joyce D.

  4. Jesus consorted with hookers, assassins, tax collectors, the soldiers of Israel’s oppressor (Rome), criminals, lepers, the unclean Samaritans and the list goes on. They held up a coin and said to whom should we pay tax to? He said whose image is on the coin? They said the Cesar’s. Jesus said give to Cesar that which is Cesar’s and to God what is God’s. He said I have not come to condemn the world but to save it. He repeatedly indicated that he was here as the suffering Messiah not a warring Messiah. Jesus refused to be political. His commands were to Love God and to Love your neighbor, Judge not lest you be judged, turn your cheek and offer him the other cheek, forgive all offence so that you yourself may be forgiven, if you anything against your brother, leave your offering on the altar and go be reconciled to your brother. I don’t hear a political message in the words or actions of Jesus. I don’t hear a man who rejects other men based on their station in life, physical condition, spiritual condition, or their level of sexual purity. He says to the woman caught sleeping with a man who was not her husband, where are those who condemn you? Go and sin no more. How did this man become so political and so quick to judge? I think this Jesus is the same today as he was all those years ago. This is the truth.

  5. Pray church ! – Pray that the Church, will not only read, but study the Bible and love Truth and not “trend”, as this is the only path to discerning. 2Thess. 2:10-12. Heb. 5:14

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