Horrific Violence coming to Mexico: Prophecy Fulfilled!

Prophecy Fulfilled!

This prophecy, posted below on February 10, 2016 has been exactly fulfilled.

On Thursday, February 11, 2016, the Violence broke in Topo Chico Prison in Northern Mexico, when gangs were fighting resulting in at least 52 dead and 12 seriously injured.

Sadly, I said it would be horrific and so in that, the media house keep on repeating my words, CNN, the BBC, Mexico’s own reporting, and The Guardian have been reporting this horrific event that has left about 52 prisoners and warders dead.

Another wave of violent erupted as people forced themselves in engagement with authorities.

I said i saw sirens, I heard sound of tramping feet, falling objects and yet these being reported.  I have tried to get links from media reportage, including pictures.  Confirmation sources are as follows:

1.   The Huffington Post:  “Mexican Prison Riot Leaves 52 Dead As Drug Cartels Spark Night Of Violence In Topo Chico, Monterrey.”

2.   Aljazeera News:   “Mexico prison riot: 49 killed in rival gang battle.”

3.   CNN:   “49 dead in riot at Mexico’s Topo Chico Prison”

4.   EuroNews:   “Dozens dead in Mexico prison violence.”

5.   The Guardian:   “Mexico prison riot: at least 52 people killed and 12 injured in Monterrey.”

6.   Deutsche Welle (DW):   “More than 50 dead as violence breaks out in Mexican prison.”

7.   The Sun:   “At least 52 dead as brutal fight between rival drug cartels breaks out in notorious Mexican prison.”

Horrific Violence coming to Mexico

The Lord has spoken concerning an event to come to a Nation.  And so In the dream this, was very, very frightening presentation.

In the Night of February 2, 2016, I felt the LORD touching me in a very violent way.  I found myself being tossed to the left and to the right in my sleep.  Then I felt a strong wind, it was in this frightening visitation that the most powerful voice of the Lord spoke to me.  When he spoke, His voice was like rushing of waters, a very terrible voice, speaking within the chaos.

From within, I am heard the sirens, the blasts, the falling objects, and stamping feet.  It was within the melee that the Lord chose to speak.

And as He spoke, He spoke this word, VIOLENCE!   VIOLENCE!   VIOLENCE!  

I may not really well describe the sound, but He was saying like VIOOOOLEEEEEEEEENCE,  three time,  whining sound to my ears.   But the Lord also Mentioned the Nation of MEXICO.

Precious people, so here, I hear the Word Violence and also I have heard the Lord saying “Mexico”.

I see violence, very horrific acts of violence coming to the Nation of Mexico.  

I have heard the sound arising from chaos, I have heard the sirens in the streets and it shall be very unpleasant for people living there.  I think the Authorities are involved, trying to quell some chaotic situations.

There were some gun shots sounds also, within the melee!  Sometimes, it just that the ambulances must go in, and so these sirens are very elaborate.  The Lord has spoken to this nation before, and He has a case, and I hear him speak his heart concerning this Nation.

I see prolonged conflict and discontentment from this people.  It is so dark in coming periods.

When Nations completely keep evil ways and chose rebellion, then the Lord brings His righteous shaking.  In this regard, He has allowed them in this state of lawlessness, but He says in Isaiah 26:9, “When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness”

We have seen him Judging the Nations – right here as it concerns Mexico, He will shake them because of impunity within them.

I see serious injustices that have called for series of judgements.  I see gangs that do business in drugs, spiced up with sexual sin.  The nude beaches where they do sexual sin.

Many things are not right, starting with the church, which should have been the source of revival and the force of REPENTANCE.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo is the founder of Heart Revival Network  International, Kenya  and a Prophetic Endtime Minister of the Gospel.  He preaches in Crusades, open air and Revival meetings.  The Lord continuously shows him concerning apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride to fit into the Wedding of the Lamb, according to Revelation 19:7-8.


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  1. May Mexico and it’s people be at peace with God. Pray for the Mexican people who are lost but yet struggling against sin. God have mercy on us all.