Peace, Peace, Or Sudden Destruction!


When they say peace peace, then sudden destruction shall come upon them.

For this is a time to draw nigh unto God and make sure hearts are right, wholehearted, and pure before him.  This Is not a time to be double minded, half in and half out, nor is this a time to shrink back in fear, unbelief, disobedience, selfishness, but this is a time to be obedient to the Lord your God for he Is merciful with his people, giving them a space of time to get it right before him, yet he will not always strive with man, nor will he alter his already established Word for anyone.

When God gives you an assignment to do, He fully expects you to obey that assignment. He would not ask you to do something that you are not able to do or accomplish.  If you feel pressured by His assignment, It is simply because your flesh does not want to obey Him.

It is time to stop making excuses to disobey God as if you have all the time in the world to obey Him and get it right.  For when the Lord says move,.  you move – period!

Time Is running short and God is bringing his judgments forth and many shall wail and weep, because they refused the instruction of the Lord, but would rather have their ears tickled and told they can do as they wish rather than obey the Lord.

Get your heart right before it is to late to do such, and whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly (not halfheartedly) as unto the Lord for God is not playing, He is not and will not be mocked!


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller




Peace, Peace, Or Sudden Destruction! — 1 Comment

  1. Where there is sin, grace much more.
    I believe God is more interested in saving than condemning, however, sin attractives death and destruction all by itself. When the world is saying “Peace, Peace” than sudden destruction often does fall upon those who do not know and listen to the voice of Jehovah, but it is for us to represent His heart.