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How The LORD is Directing Me to Pray for President Trump — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Lord, we need you like Never Before. Search our hearts Lord.  I pray that we would be Like David- a man of repentance & a man after Your own Heart- representing You in All that We ‘Say & ‘Do-Whether if it is the President, a Preacher, all Leaders, etc. & Especially those who Profess You as Lord & Savior. We know that “By our words – we are justified & by our words – we are condemned!” … &!that a person’s own words will justify or condemn him—including even the most casual or careless remarks (Matthew 12:36). This ties the principle back into our daily life: Help us to remember that our words reveal what is truly in a person’s heart!! Take out the stony heart Lord & us a Heart of Flesh & Let us began to Pray & Walk out & Demonstrate ‘2nd Chronicles 7:14. Oh Lord Let us Continue to Pray ye one for another- even for our enemies, according to your Word- as This is what Pleases You Lord Jesus! ☝❤️☮️️

  2. Amen and Amen…I pray for President Donald J Trump every day and his precious family and for him to be exonerated in all things and for protection…Jesus is Lord of all the earth and He is in control we have to keep that in mind He sees all and knows all.  Great word thank you so much.

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