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Human Beings Are Now Hackable — 10 Comments

  1. I mean I was interested in LW a little bit but don’t follow his things now. I do agree there are clever things said here but I can’t say I agree with all his details.
    Elon Musk’s company isn’t the first to have done it and I think experimentally it has been done for decades. Of course, it is a big deal if he gets involved because of his financial muscle. I actually trust EM to be leading it in a positive direction (if that is possible). He has done this proveably with TwitterX and his original OpenAI plan to take AI leadership away from Google because the Google founders were being so dangerous about it. His original openAI plan to make leadership of AI safe failed though, according to him, and OpenAI became a bit of a Microsoft Corporation tool and Musk hasn’t been involved in a while. OpenAI seems to be going in the wrong direction.
    AI isn’t clever enough at the moment in any case, to be very useful to evil. It has emancipated lots of uni students, weirdly. But it is like a bad atheist propagandist, or something. It just sucks up erroneous theories on life. It can be like reading something written by a really unsophisticated academic. Or student demonstrator, actually. 
    I really like the description of evil wanting to use all these things and I definitely think part of what is said by LW is true. But I don’t think the evil guys have it all figured out yet with AI and implants. They surely must have some of the above mentioned plans though.
    Glad to see people are watching it like a hawk. WEF are completely nuts.

  2. Harari, affiliated with Schwab’s WEF’s [https://archive.md/vrZGf] and WEF’s frontman psychopath [https://www.bitchute.com/video/Alhj4UwNWp2m] and who is sold as an intellectual “genius” by this crazy world, is the person who called the public “useless people” [https://archive.ph/KlOKx] — while millions of those “useless people” have been buying and recommending his books like candy, serving him very usefully. It’s one proof that most people anywhere are stupid and crazy.

    WEF’s cabal of psychopaths, including Harari, promoted AI are now, starting in 2023, suddenly supposedly have a change of heart makes it clear their warnings about AI and having it regulated is just a manipulative tactic to deceive the public, again.

    The manipulative “AI open letter” scheme is The Hegelian Dialectic: problem-reaction-solution. This bogus letter campaign is meant to raise public fear about an alleged big “PROBLEM” (they helped to create in the 1st place) so the public demands (REACTION) the governments regulate this technology =they provide the “SOLUTION’ FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS/AGENDAS… because… all governments are owned by the leading psychopaths in power …. https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    What a convenient trickery..of the ever foolish public.

    “Who masters those technologies [eg artificial intelligence (AI)] —in some way— will be the master of the world.” — Klaus Schwab, at the World Government Summit in Dubai, 2023

    • Dear Ren,

      You are so right. No wonder the enemy fights that gift/weapon of the Spirit so much. Over the last few years esp., I’m reminded how important this will be in the last days. There are strategies in heavenly realms – Holy Spirit is in charge, and our prayer language is vital. The world can keep their ‘babel’ ….my
      ‘language’ is tongues :)
      Glory to the Lamb of God.

  3. he wonders if?? It has already happened on one level at least. The so called vaccines PERMANENTLY change a person’s DNA. Not only that but they contain mNeongreen which is a bioluminescent marker –known as a Luciferase Assay. He cause all to receive a mark…through his sorcery(drugs)he deceives the whole world….those who receive his name..Lucifer. Not only that but every vial tested contains graphene nano particles and nanobots that self assemble in the brain and other locations making the human interface with the Net. So Lance is right but as I say it has already happened. But who hears? Most Christians are compromised by their subservience to the Beast and it’s sorcery. https://weakchosen.com/2024/01/21/the-enemy-also-has-a-net/

  4. Everyone needs to look up this false prophet of the WEF Yuval Noel Harari , the jew who is not a jew.
    Blasphemous words coming from his mouth to students in colleges here & all over the world.

  5. My thoughts are that technology has zero regulation. Every other business has been beat down with government reg’s in the US except for technology. Its time to put regulations on an already boundary pushing business.

    • Absolutely necessary. My prayer is that the Lord will place those in leadership at the helm – who have the ability to go forward -to put boundaries and limits on such unrestrained control. We know – that that type of governance can/will occur “only” if ‘the Righteous are in rule’ as the Word says. Wickedness at the control buttons always brings a reproach and dark plans. So – we pray that there is enough intercession that can bridge the gap. Only God can seal the stopgap on this one, for sure.

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