I AM making all things new!


Word of the Lord to the body of Christ.  “I AM making all things new!

No longer shall you be caught trapped or snared in old mindsets, old ways of doing things, and old bondages, or the expectations or limitations that you, or anyone else, has placed upon you, your ministries and destinies.

Many of you have been held in old strongholds and bondages.  I AM shaking you out of those ruts and chains.

Some of you have been unable to get lasting deliverance and permanent change from the besetting sins and iniquities of your bloodlines.”

Thus saith the Lord,  “I AM breaking those chains bondages and limitations this Day you will see them no more.”  Amen.


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent




I AM making all things new! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Kevin for that word, I had just asked the Lord this morning how long will I default to old mindsets, that I wanted to be made new, and want to be an obedient son. The Lord truly does speak to us, thank you for your obedience to give this good word. and Praise you Father for your goodness and faithfulness, praise you Lord Jesus for calling me friend,and praise you Holy Spirit for your ever present direction and comfort…