The Unspoken Voices


There are those, who are about to be called upon.  There is a great multitude today, who once listened to the Elders of our churches; now, we are becoming the elders.

I’ve tried to say, in my most limited way, that the things we saw, what we heard and what we were exposed to, was all for a reason.  Along the way, we either grew, or we didn’t.  After sharing journeys with some I once walked along beside, I was told, that many were pushed back.  They were considered outdated, and the new and best way, was to sit down and let the younger folk have it.

Most of us, have had an entire lifetime, to determine what was real, and what was not; what was actually scriptural, and what were commandments of men.  We may not like that term, but it’s a biblical term, that even Jesus used.

Decades have gone by, and we know exactly which way, things have turned.  We’ve seen quite clearly, what works, and what does not.  I am reminded, that many have been blinded along the way.  They slipped into a state of ease; perhaps, going with the flow; becoming, unmovable.

I don’t claim to be a prophet; in fact, I don’t claim to be anything at all.  But I feel to say, that the scales, are about to be ripped off of some peoples eyes.  God did not allow you to see things, know things in the Spirit, walk in a much deeper kind of path, for you to sit idly by and not play the role, that God ordained you to perform.

These, will be shaken out of their lethargy; it is the will of God.  They will either rise to stand in the hedge, or they will be overrun.  The days of fence straddling, are now over.  It will no longer even be possible, for them to sit back, and remain mute about what they see.

There’s a danger, to people not speaking up; when they know they should.  I have a feeling, I don’t like to consider; it’s that many, have found it very comfortable, to sit back and let someone else, run everything.  It can also be very convenient, to just do whatever you’re told; even allowing someone else, to take control of your life.  And, your spiritual journey.

A shaking, was prophesied to us; years back, and it began.  But we, haven’t seen anything yet.  Our own little kingdoms, our playhouses, are about to be torn down.  We will not be able to live in denial, forever.  Not in church, nor in country.

I watched a video, of a woman standing on the platform of a very large and prestigious conference.  I’d say, mid-sixties.  The music was going, the best of praise singers were going at it.  She kept cocking her head, first one way and then another; it’s like she was listening to something.  At first, one may have thought, she was confused; and she was.  It was as though, she was shaken, and almost spoke out something.  It was easy to read.  Her spirit said, this is not, what we’re supposed to be hearing.  This is not even the Holy Ghost; it’s not what we’re supposed to be doing, and not who we are supposed to be.

A ministers wife; she almost called a halt.  I think, she will.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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