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I AM Moving and Shaking, as Never Before! — 4 Comments

  1. Amen! I completely agree with what He said now. Thank you for sharing His awesome thoughts and His ways! The Lord bless you.

    • John,
      Thank you so much for responding & your kind Words. 

      GOD is so good to reveal His Heart, Directions, & warnings to us, to help us stay on the right path. I’m so grateful to Him.

      GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

  2. ….Now this is what a true Word from the Lord looks like. As He said in (I think its Jeremiah, Chap. 50 or 51)…”IS NOT MY WORD LIKE A HAMMER”. The authority of the God on the Throne is in your post. It’s a “Straighten up or ship out” order – straight from the throne room. Bless you sister for your obedience to post what you heard. Grace be to you.

    • Elizabeth,
      GOD Bless you in responding to His Word.

      He was like a FIRE coming out of me at times when I was writing & reading this Word. His intentions were very clear to me, & left no room for wondering if He was serious or not. Direct & to the point, which leaves no excuses.

      Hoping all is well with you & all those you minister to. You’ve got some changes coming.  He says, “Keep seeking Me & all will go well for you, My Beloved. I AM your rock, & you stand tall before Me. Do not fear what’s before you. I’ve got it!”

      Blessings! Bev

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