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The Little Black Book and a Domino Effect — 1 Comment

  1. My God, You are just so Good, thank You Father!!
    The other day, I believe it was Thanksgiving actually, I heard the Lord, out of nowhere say, “They will meet their destruction.”
    I’ve been praying fervently for those who’ve chosen to join with the enemy in celebrating in my suffering,(and there seems to be many)
    Today got quite difficult for me again, and finally I just had to ask the Lord to PLEASE PLEASE do something. I asked Him today to please release.justice and judgement against the lawlessness and injustice which has formed around me and my family, as well as ALL of His Righteous Elect.
    So this Word is more timely for me than I can express, and my heart is filled with such gratitude.
    Thank You Father, and bless your beautiful heart Veronica, thank you :)

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