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I Saw The GLORY of The LORD Falling Like Snow — 8 Comments

  1. I am part of a 75 voice choir in Wisconsin…we are having our Christmas concert this weekend. Everytime we practice “Behold our God” most of us are crying…God does inhabit the praises of his people!!! This piece of music is so..so powerful even the director cries…just think what the people are going to do when we sing this

  2. Truly a mighty and yet soothing message. The comfort of the Lord washes over me by reading and finally listen to the magnificent and extraordinary worship!!
    I am a worshiper but seldomly I experience and sense the Holy Spirit moving in most of todays english worship songs.
    This is a blessing to hear and watch the whole fellowship being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for today‘s posting.

    • I know this is true…worship is suppose to lead people to God…not to entertain us. Then the Pastor arranges the service to capture the people’s hearts to want to be restored…also the drums are way to loud and the music is not balanced…we shouldn’t even know who’s up there at all.

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