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Capture the Moment and Conquer All — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for the word, a reminder to stay focused in these times. I have appreciated all you’ve brought us thru the year. Blessings to you and your household this season.
    Happy Thanksgiving

    • Thanks you Linda very much for your kind comment and blessings. It is my joy to send out what the Lord speaks to me. Many blessings to you as we celebrate this holiday season, Sandi Holman

  2. It’s a joy indeed to read confirming words of life, love and instruction! I link arms with you on this and pray for the grace to follow our wonderful Lord fully and completely…. showing His great love to all as we go about His business…. His Kingdom COME and His blessed will BE DONE!  I’M ALL IN! Thank you, Sandi. You are so precious!

    • Absolutely, dear Jeannine, HIS KINGDOM COME! I appreciate your kind words and as always, I joyfully link arms with you in agreement and it shall be! xoxo Sandi

  3. Sheesh!!! I could seriously go on and on Sandi!!! He’s shown me ALL of it!!
    Years ago I dreamt the book by Rck Joyner ‘The Call’ and THEN I read it!!
    I was on a stage with other ladies who, like me, were staring into our mirrors, fixing the false, and gossiping and slandering anyone not like us. But suddenly I woke and looked around. Realizing “I don’t belong here,” I stood up and proclaimed just that when a black hooded form entered the stage. Fear gripped me and I sat down. 3 times this happened. But on the 3rd time I stood up and said, “I DONT BELONG HERE!!!” This time when the form enterd the stage I pointed at him and yelled, “AMD I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!!”
    Suddenly his hood came down and I laughed, it was JUST a man!! Off I went!! :D
    I look like a shadow of what I used to look like. And as a result of this choice the persecution has been relentless and constant.
    How can it be constant? They’ve found a way.
    But He’s so kind isn’t He? He’s shown me that when I’m delivered from this pit, His hand, through mine, will pull many out!!!
    Oh what a time to be alive Sandi!!
    Again I thank you dear beautiful sister!!
    God bless your beautiful heart!!!!

    • Now that, Cherish, is one incredible story! I believe you truly are delivered from the pit and your time is NOW. It is an amazing time to be alive for sure! You are so very welcome. I receive your blessing with a glad heart! xoxo Sandi

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