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I Shall Not Be Moved — 16 Comments

  1. Right on. Just X-posted this and included it @InterProph:
    “This is a very important word. The Lord has been impressing me, too, about His 7 Spirits and especially in this war, His Spirits of Counsel and of Might. God and Sandi expound.”

    • Dear Darlene, It is so GOOD to hear from you. I miss you and all the beautiful people at Redemption. Prayers for you as you stand strong in your ministry and call, Much love and blessings, Sandi

  2. Soo Good Sandi, and such a confirmation to what I feel in my heart and am seeing manifest in my life and those around me. I’m still not delivered, but every day His Strength and Might are growing within me!! I will soon see my enemies fall before me, and prayerfully come to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior…..it’s been a hard climb Sandi…..
    God bless you beautiful lady, your encouraging words have helped me much!! Thank you!!

    • What great news, dear Cherish!! You are finished..the battle is over. We are all growing in grace one day at a time. Thanks so much for your kind words of confirmation and blessing. You are on top of the mountain, girl! Love and blessings, Sandi

  3. Thank you Sandi, The Lord is pleased with you, and says, You have been diligent in taking care of my body and I know your heart, Be of Good Cheer for I will never leave you or forsake you, & I am increasing you for my Glory to be revealed in a Greater way across the earth, Be ready!

    • My goodness, what a surprise and wonderful word of encouragement, Bernadette Bee, I am forever grateful for your obedient heart to share! I receive and will trust the Lord for readiness and obedience. God bless you, Sandi Holman

  4. Thank you Sandi for sharing this awesome and perfect will of God Word.  We do need the Fear of the Lord to return to this whole earth so that repentance takes place in the hearts his creation.  I receive this Word and may His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!!! Blessings to you and family!!!

    • Many thanks MF for your blessings to me and mine. May you continue to walk in the Fear of the Lord and be continually filled with His Godly wisdom. Love and peace, Sandi

    • Dear Oil of Joy, Thank you for your agreement. You are very welcome. It is good to be standing on solid ground. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

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