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Unveiling the Prophetic Journey: From Personal Ambition to Servanthood — 12 Comments

  1. Yesterday morning (september 20], I saw The LORD Jesus calling me outside of my house.
    Since a couple of days I see in the spirit that the door is wide open.
    He called me outside of my house on the street and started washing my feet. Then He started to wash the rest of me too. Publicly for everybody to see.
    All the dirt and the mud and the slime that was on me, because of all the lies and slander came off. The pile of dirt and mud went higher and higher. Then He multiplied the pile of dirt. Then He gave a command to all the people that were watching. He said “Throw it!”
    The dirt that was publicly washed off me, was now being thrown at my enemies.
    Thank you for this word Veronika. It is a major conformation for me.
    The LORD Himself is washing His Bride. And what has been done to us in secret, will be washed off in public. Praise to our beautiful King! Glory to the Most High God.

  2. He’s so good Veronika!! Your testimony just shows how much better He knows us than we know ourselves, it’s very reassuring and comforting to be reminded of this essential truth!! Thank you beautiful lady!!
    God bless!! :)

  3. Yes, I would like to wash the feet of my neighbor, but she really hates me.  So it is a great price to pay, especially for me.  I am in an Assisted Living room right now.  This Facility is a home for the weak and lowly ones.  I can barely walk, so do have a walker.  I will be 100 this coming year.  Thank you so much for these prophecies!  I do enjoy hearing from all of you.

    • Tender Sue, I fell asleep last night praying for you after I had read both Veronica’s word and your reply.  You are so precious to Father and others.  His plan for your life has pages yet to come and the influence He extends through you blesses those around you.  Father I ask for the healing of the relationship between Sue and her neighbor.  You know the source of the difficulty and so I ask for your resolution and healing of it.  Fill Sue with encouragement, Joy and laughter which come from you.  Help her persevere and stand.  Deep and sound sleep through the night, comfort and restoration.  Stand and having done all else, stand.  Love you, faithful friend.

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