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In October, five years ago, I wrote this message.  It was shortly before the presidential election where Obama was first elected as president.  I believe this sermon should be read again, so I post it forward for you to read.

I believe America is a different kind of nation than many other nations.  I see in the history of this nation the fact that it is a nation drawn up from many other nations and populated by people who came here looking for freedom.  These men did fight for that freedom and even founded their desire upon the founding documents of this nation.  Today we are standing at a crossroad to that original plan and purpose and this nation is teetering on a balance and it appears to many, it is about to fall.

If God had a part in the founding of this nation, and I believe any man who will research will discover that he did, than God has a plan and yet a purpose for this nation.  I have not heard that God’s Plan has been completed as of now.  This brings me to believe God, that he will…..  move in a mighty way, even in the light of much difficulty to YET CARRY FORTH THAT PLAN.  Many are saying there is no more chance that America will ever rise above its present course, but I BELIEVE GOD.  I believe God has revealed his plan through many Prophets today.  I have myself heard of his prophetic words….  and remain in Faith.

A prophetic sermon to America at Election time 2008:

America has come into existence by men who were in search of freedom from tyranny (arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power).  Fleeing from governments who control men as tyrants; exercising excessive power over them.  Many have come into America seeking religious freedom, as well desiring to be allowed to worship God from the dictates of their heart.

America began as a land of freedom.  Freedom to live and govern themselves without oppression; where men are free to worship God without government interference.  Men have come to America looking for a new beginning in life.  A life where they have opportunities they did not have in the lands they came from.  It is clear that this land is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  This call of freedom has gone out into all the earth, and men from every nation have come to these shores with large dreams of a free life.

God has reached into the earth, and by His mighty hand He has moved men by His sovereign power into this great land.  He had a plan for America from the very beginning.  His plan was grand.  His purpose was clearly seen from the very beginning, to create a country that would rise up and powerfully stand out among all the nations of the earth as a Christian Nation.

The plan of God has been largely accomplished in many ways.  Americans began early to stand up for, and defend their belief in God and the Bible.  Great senators and leaders, who believed in God, stood up against the power of England and wrote the Declaration of Independence.  Men of faith fought and died for this precious freedom to believe in God, without interference from unbelievers in high offices.

These truths are some of the most important underlying foundations, on which this country has been built.

To deny the working of a sovereign God in the building of America, is not even reasonable for a thinking man to consider.  Like I said, He had a plan, and still does.  This great land is to stand up among all nations and to shine forth His glory.  He has desired to use us to push back the darkness of unbelief, and to spread the good news of His glorious Gospel throughout the entire earth.  Men of faith have gone from this land into all the Earth carrying this great message of Jesus and His Cross.  Missionary outreach has largely come from this land in these last days, which has caused thousands to become born again believers in Christ.

It is also clear to all who study American history, that there has been someone else at work as well.  Someone who had another plan worked behind the scenes to undo God’s good plan.  This enemy is none other than God’s arch enemy, the old devil.  It is the same old story unfolding since the day God threw Satan out of Heaven, because of his sin.  It is a seemingly unending battle.  Always, he is out to destroy or defeat God’s plan with his ungodly evil.  It is his plan to blind men to the wonderful truth of God’s great love.

In John 10:10 we read:

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy.  I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).”

The devil has raped this great land and plundered it.  He has destroyed the people by death, causing many wars to arise, even a great civil war fought among Americans themselves.  He has stolen blessings, money, happiness, health, and prosperity.  He has come to destroy that which God planned to bless.  He has been very busy to attempt to stop the wonderful works of God.

The devil even had one of the largest idols in the world, to be placed at the door of America, in the New York harbor, which has brought a spiritual curse upon this land.  The statue of Liberty was conceived by an artist after the idol of Ishtar, the goddess of Babylon.  It is a proven fact that this is true for anyone who wishes to follow out the research.  It was crafted by Auguste Bertholdi who was a member of the cultist Masonic Lodge in Paris (a secret international brotherhood linked to the ancient builders of the pyramids and the cathedrals’).  The world largely has never understood that this famed statue of liberty symbolizes the pagan goddess.  Bertholdi, because of his beliefs and affiliation with the masons, caused fellow members of the mysterious order of Masons, to endorse the sculpture, and even to secretly back it and bless it with their prayers.

The devil cleverly laid his plans to destroy the United States by placing it under a curse.  The plans he carried forth were to work against this country and cause it to fail as a Christian Nation, and it become another Babylon.  Another Babylon where men would rise up in rebellion against God; even as they did when they built the Tower of Babel in the early Babel kingdom of Nimrod. [Genesis 11:1-9]

On October 29, 2008, I was up praying early when I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Babylon the Great…. America the Great, they are synchronized.”  He went on to explain that America had followed after the lawlessness of the Great Whore nation.

In the nation of America, there arose a mighty RELIGIOUS SYSTEM which only brings men down to destruction, rather than to God.  This religious system is apostate and ungodly, following the doctrines of man not God.  This ungodly religion is a revival of the ungodly practices of Baal.  Sexual immorality, fornication, and all sorts of perverted beliefs.  Anything but the Bible, and the clear teachings of scripture, such as homosexual men and women who have now even been accepted into this religious system as ministers and pastors.

Many in America have followed this “Babylonian Spiritual Renewal” with great zeal, and have endorsed and propagated its filthy doctrines.  This Babylonian spirit is in all the world, but now it seems as if America has become its headquarters.

People from all over the world have begun to look to America as their source.

Jesus said, that if the light that was in you be darkness, then how great was that darkness.

A darkness looms over America.  In the midst of all this darkness is the true Church of Jesus, and it is shining bright.

There is not complete darkness, Thank God!  The Light of many blood washed saints of God live in this country!  Yet today as I write this prophetic sermon, darkness is looming over our country.

The Lord spoke to me and gave me two sentences.  He said, write these statements down for they are true about America today.  (speaking of unbelieving Americans):

  1. Many in America are so enamored and caught up in the lust of the Babylonian Spirit, that they are not moving by sight but are like an airplane flying on instruments.

  2. The Power of Babylon is compared to the power found in the SUN, that shines to illuminate all of God’s creation.  This “B Power” shines with DARKNESS, NOT LIGHT;  SOME ARE OPERATING IN “B POWER, and ARE SO BRIGHT IN THIS DARKNESS that the true light is VANQUISHED  [defeated in battle or contrast; overcome].

The enemy of God has worked a work upon the American people.  Through the many political failures, and the lack of men who are spiritual leaders in American government, people have become weary and tired of the Government over them.  Men are sick of being sick.  They are desperate for CHANGE.  This sort of change that will place the wrong things in a right perspective.

The enemy has come against America with a flood intended to wear out our people.  Thus many hundreds of people who are not believers in the Bible or God, are lost and looking for any answer to solve the problem.  They are caught up in sin, not even realizing the nature of their difficulties.  They do not understand that God, the very one whom the devil has blinded their eyes from seeing, HAS THE ANSWER.  They have been brainwashed in the EDUCATION SYSTEM OF BABYLON, so thorough is the onslaught, that they have been led to believe God is bad.  They have believed the lie of the enemy, who discredits God, by telling them that God is evil.  They have preferred to not even believe there is a God.

They seek to make their sinful lives justifiable.  The way they do that is by saying all religion is bad.  Unfortunately Christianity has been placed on their list of bad religions.

The enemy then teaches them, that MAN CAN SOLVE ALL OF HIS OWN PROBLEMS, after all, are we not members of the GREATEST NATION in all the world.  This is a phrase you will hear spoken a lot in this years election.  If men can solve their own problems, then why is the world never able to perfect itself.  The farther we go away from God’s commandments and Word, the worse we become as a nation.

But, Satan has blinded their eyes so they cannot see the GLORIOUS GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

It is no wonder, that a man who is YOUNG, WELL SPOKEN, AND CHARISMATIC, can stand up and speak with confidence as if he has all the answers.  Put this charismatic individual into the present circumstances that prevail in American politics, and it spells CHANGE.  The change that they all have been led to believe must happen, for men to prevail over their difficulties.

Every politician comes on, like he is the only one who can set things right again.

Thus, you have the understanding of the two statements that God gave me above.  You have thousands of young people in America, who are caught up into the spirit of Babylon.  They are literally living daily in this environment of sin and unbelief.  They will be caught up and enamored by this Babylonian spirit, so that they would vote for ANYONE WHO BELIEVES ANYTHING if they felt that he could CHANGE THINGS.

This energy in which they run is darkness.  Even as the Light who is Jesus lights our pathway and shows us the way, the darkness is like the light, except it is dark.  The enemy the old devil has turned things around backwards to attempt to stop God’s plan.


The Lord told me that America was like a large melting pot.  A pot where you place pieces of metal, to heat and melt.  In such a pot, metal is refined and made pure.

I remember when I was a young man at home, my father had a melting pot that was heated by a blow torch.  The pot hung on a stand, just the right height for the pot to be lined up with the blow torch.  He would take scrap pieces of lead and place them into the pot.  Then he would heat the pot.  As the lead melted, the impurities in the lead, would form on the top of the molten metal.  He then had a long handled ladle that he would remove the dross and to throw away.  The lead would become pure and melted into ONE piece.  He would take the melted lead and seal the plumbing pipes by pouring a tight seal around the narrow space where the two joints fit together.

God said remember your fathers pot?  I will compare America to a melting pot.  He then said that He had reached forth with His mighty hand and had brought people from all over the world, out of every nation, and placed them into the “Pot of America.”  He said I will not melt the metal (people), but I will purify them.

Literally he will put America in the Fire and purify this country.  Praise the Lord!

We should understand the present day confusion we see happening today in America.  It helps us to know that God has a plan.  He will bring out of America, a mighty army of people who will be purged and poured into ONE BODY, and this Body will rise up and yet glorify God.  They will be pure and beautiful, having no defilement.

Take courage and do not let what you see happening in America during these days of election disturb you and cause you to fear.  Know this, that God is in control, and the world or the devil will not win in this battle.  The Greater One is the VICTOR!

The election of a President poses no problem to the Lord.  I believe that God will only use these events to further His plan.

If I hear correctly, what God is saying to America and His Church is this…. I WILL STIR THE MELTING POT AND REMOVE THE DROSS.  The metal that comes forth will shine in His Glory.  There will rise up a beautiful Church, much greater than the former church.  It will shine with such brilliance that the sight of Her will be blinding.  God is doing a MARVELOUS WORK AND A WONDER!

Do not despair, ONLY TRUST HIM.  God will protect His precious Church from this Babylon the great.  Just like Daniel and the three Hebrew children, we will not be eaten by the lions, nor will we bend, bow, or burn in the furnace.  The ONE LIKE THE SON OF MAN WILL COME AND WALK WITH US IN THE FIRE.  PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!


Prophet Ken Dewey

Pastor Ken Dewey
Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.

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