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Ireland: Exciting Days Ahead — 3 Comments

  1. Hmmm… Very interesting read I must say! So is this building of ‘altars’ unicuily taken place in Ireland only or is this happening in other Nations as well?
    Several yrs ago I had a Powerful and vivid dream where I saw Jesus standing @ a specific geographic place and I heard Him say:”I got the water – do U have the bread?” And as I looked, in my hands I held a big loaf of bread. So I went 2 where He stood and the dream ended. @ this specific area I have met several angels through the years and I asked God why and He said He had 2 answer the prayers of the saints from past generations who lived and came together there @ the local church.
    And also there’s a second ‘landing place’ 4 angels more close 2 the Norwegian border.
    Hmmm…He works in mysterious ways.

  2. This is AWESOME!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Thanks for posting this Veronica. GOD bless all of you; truly, words cannot convey what I am sensing in my spirit right now! Great anticipation! Great excitement!
    Thank you KING JESUS!!!

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