Is it right to sell God’s prophetic Words?


TO BE HEARD, one must convince the suspecting and cautious Believers that you’re really talking about God, and not JUST TRYING TO MAKE MONEY [ESPECIALLY IN TODAY’S END TIMES…. when Money is front and center].

Years ago my father saw an advertisement in the news about a Cajun Man in Louisiana, down on the coast, [he was a fisherman] and his friend, that make claim the they saw a flying saucer and saw and described the Aliens themselves.  His report was that he and his friend had been taken up [by force] into the UFO and had been physically examined by the aliens.  He described the Aliens and their spacecraft.   Afterward they had been turned loose.  The man had made a recording of his testimony and offered it FOR FREE to anyone who would send for it.  He added his reason for offering it Free was, I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO THINK I AM SELLING THIS STORY TO MAKE MONEY, SO I OFFER IT FREE TO PROVE TO YOU, I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW …..  I AM SINCERE AND TELLING THE TRUTH.

My Dad said to us, I WILL SEND AND GET IT BECAUSE I BELIEVE HE IS TELLING THE TRUTH.  Well he did, and in a few days he received a CD in the mail, postage paid, by the man/men in Louisiana.  I can still remember hanging on the chair as I listened to the man’s voice as he recounted the aliens and their spaceship and what they had experienced.  IT MADE A BELIEVER OUT OF ME, AT A YOUNG AGE.  I have carried that story for years, telling it to many.

You may be wondering why I am telling this story.  WELL I HAVE A REASON FOR SURE… and I catch your attention by telling you a REAL EXPERIENCE that I did hear….. TOTALLY FREE.

Just today, I saw the advertisement, AGAIN [having seen them over and over] about A WORD FROM GOD ABOUT HOW AMERICA WILL EXPERIENCE REVIVAL.  The man [whom I will not name in this account for reasons, stating that I will not personally judge him because he is to many a great man of God] in the advertisement will SELL YOU THIS BOOK FOR A SMALL DOLLAR FEE.  Well, I got to thinking about the man’s words and heard in my spirit…  HE IS REALLY WANTING TO MAKE MONEY [HE NEEDS MONEY!].

Now you must know, I hate it when the discussion turns to MONEY, and many people get on board speaking BAD ABOUT MONEY MAKING PREACHERS.  It is rather a sore spot inside me, having been a Preacher most of all my life, and I know FIRSTHAND JUST HOW HARD IT IS TO BE A PREACHER AND HOW HARD IT IS TO LIVE WITHOUT MONEY.  So, It follows: I HATE MONEY TALK TURNED CRITICAL.

I therefore must take a moment to tell you, I DID HESITATE TO WRITE THIS NOTE… because I do not want to encourage those who BLAME PREACHERS FOR THEIR NOT GIVING TO GOD.

Now.  I must say, WOULD IT NOT BE MORE BELIEVABLE BY THAT PREACHER TO OFFER THE BOOK TOTALLY FREE TO ANYONE WHO WANTED IT?  Many today are turned off of preachers selling the Word of God, MUCH LESS… PROPHETIC WORDS.   Personally, I myself CANNOT SELL HIS WORDS GIVEN TO ME.  The opportunity has come up, but still, I CANNOT DO IT.  There is something down inside that tells me GODS WORDS SHOULD NOT BE SOLD.

I have not ordered his book myself for three reasons….

  1. I don’t have a lot of money to buy it.
  2. I am wondering about his motives for selling it.
  3. I wonder if it really is FROM GOD or is it a money making scheme?

IF HE WERE TO PUBLISH THE BOOK FOR EVERYONE TO READ ….. FREE…  THEN OFFER IT FREE TO ANYONE WHO DID NOT HAVE THE MONEY…  THEN HE COULD SAY, I WILL SEND YOU THE BOOK OR SOMEONE ELSE FOR AN OFFERING TO COVER COST…  IF THEY WANT TO KEEP ONE IN THEIR LIBRARY.  If he did this, then the BOOK COULD BE USED IN LIBRARIES AND SCHOOLS EVERYWHERE, AND PERSONAL COLLECTIONS,  but the BOOK COULD BE READ FREELY BY ANYONE who wanted to read it.  I know it cost money to print a book so I say asking for help from concerned Believers to print the book would be a good cause, but, NOT TO MAKE MONEY.  To use BOOKS is a great ministry, but let us make it AVAILABLE TO ALL. 

Not all believers, or LOST PEOPLE have the money to buy many books and the Lost will NEVER BUY IT PROBABLY thinking it useless to throw their money to it. 

Not saying anything about what God thinks about it……   WELL, WHAT DO YOU THINK?  DOES GOD CHARGE FOR HIS WORDS?

Just Saying.

* * * * *

This word above IS NOT A WORD FROM GOD, but is my thoughts about this subject [I speak this by permission and not in condemnation to anyone writing books, but just to state my personal understanding of this subject].  I believe I will be accountable as a Prophet for what I do or do not do with the Words [especially the Prophetic Words given to me].  If I were to sell them I could stand before God… for abusing his Words freely given to me to speak.  I might someday publish a book, but be sure to know, IT WILL BE FIRST FREE TO ALL.   If that book is later needed for Libraries and schools etc, or even as a collection item and someone deems it worthy, then I would make it available for an offering [only after I was sure that person could get and read the book freely, yet will  still ask to receive the book].  I believe GOD WILL HELP ME PRINT IT AND PUT IT OUT… AND HE IS BIG ENOUGH TO YET PROMOTE ME AS HIS PROPHET, PREACHER, ETC.  I DO NOT NEED TO HELP HIM DO IT. 


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

Prophet Ken DeweyEvangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry. NOTICE: One of the ways you can get involved in this OUT OF THE DESERT ARMY is to become a PARTNER or to GIVE A DONATION. We are believing God for many more Monthly Partners to stand with us in Monthly Giving and Offerings. If you have a desire to help and give, please know we need your help. God is sending people as I write to this place. We need your help and prayerful giving to enable us to do more for more people. Please send you pledge to becoming a Monthly Partner or to sow an offering into this Ground. To make a donation to OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES please send to: PO BOX 223, BELEN, NEW MEXICO. PLEASE PRAY ABOUT SENDING A LOVE OFFERING TO SOMEONE WHO IS IN THE MIDST OF THE BATTLE FOR SOULS.. AND TO OPEN BLINDED EYES OF THOSE WHO ARE SLEEPING IN THE BODY OF CHRIST. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO ALL THAT GOD IS SAYING FOR US TO DO. THANK YOU ALL …


Is it right to sell God’s prophetic Words? — 2 Comments

  1. As I read your article, I don’t think it is ‘Right’ (per your title) to sell God’s prophetic Word or anything pertaining to God…However it Only Matters what God Thinks. Like most of God’s servants, I do believe it is okay to ask for donations for your labor of love, but if one is not able to do so, you should not allow that to be a reason to not bless someone who is requesting a book, etc.  If your heart is pure, you should not allow money to be your motive in anything pertaining to God. We must be very careful that ‘money’is NEVER our Motive! God’s His Word, the Heart is wicked above all things & no man can know it-Jeremiah 17:9 However God knows the Motives of Our Heart and deals with us accordingly. When we do all that we Do as unto the Lord, HE will Bless It. Hallelujah!

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