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Is The LORD Giving You A New Plate? — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t understand why are you saying getting a covid vaccine is evil? Did you get a polio vaccine when you were an infant? I did because polio was rampant when I was an infant. And now covid is a virus which is deadly and infectious and rampant. I don’t understand the mentality and yes I am a born-again Christian Jesus Christ lives in me and I received the covid-19 vaccine

  2. Pastor Downes, thanks a lot for sharing this prophetic word from the Lord which speaks directly to me. The Lord has chosen YEARS to do for me what HE does for others in months. At first,I thought the delay was from Satan as I never knew what GOD was doing initially as i expected things to go in my ways but HE said No! I will not do it how you want me to do it child, I will do it in my own way! NOW, I can see it all! GOD is at the scene working on my behalf, showing me Mercy, giving me Grace &revealing great mysteries which I didn’t know before & using me as HIS vessel. I see & now understand, God is using a different plate to feed me & I have to accept it as HE is the Master Planner!

  3. Shared this with a nurse who has chosen not to get the Covid shot.
    As the pressure builds for health care professionals are mandated to take the Covid shot ; it’s liken to take the mark of the beast! Or maybe a precursor to it!
    She applied for another job and got it ! Now she questions and the devil does what he does best. Decide isolate and make one fearful of a blessing/ opportunity from God
    Thank you for this Word! Pray for all us nurses and health care providers / we need a miracle!

    • God will shield His own Nurses with His precious blood. Don’t fear the enemies tricks. Satan uses chaos like covid19 to destroy people’ destines. I assure you again, The BLOOD of Jesus will speak for you & all other nurses who believe in the name of Jesus Christ. Thanks

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