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“It is time, My child, to Arise and Shine!” — 8 Comments

  1. Слава на Бога за великите чудеса които ще извърши за своите верни и за техните домове! Амин

    [ HKP : “Praise God for the great miracles He will perform for His faithful and for their homes! Amen” ]

  2. Благодаря ти за чудесно слово, скъпа моя сестричке в Господа!Много насърчително и окуражаващо! Бог е добър и твърде велик!!!

    [ HKP : “Thank you for a wonderful word, my dear sister in the Lord! Very encouraging and encouraging! God is good and very great!!” ]

  3. Praise God! Amen and Amen!:God bless you, dear sister Robin Kirby-Gatto! I believe this divine Word of God is definitely for me, I’m sure many others, but certainly for me. When we make peace, stop debating, arguing with our enemies, truly praying for their souls, quiet – the demonic adversary doesn’t know how to take this type of action. The Lord is showing me as I am quiet, praying, fasting, applying His Divine Word in my life in faith, He is taking action on my behalf, as I declare and decree his Word, according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    God bless you and thank you beloved sister in Jesus Christ, for sharing such a powerful and priceless Word from the Lord Jesus Christ! Praises and Glory be to God for what He is doing, divinely causing the supernatural and miraculous to take place, just by his intervention.❤️❤️❤️

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