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UK: Warning Signs and The LORD’s Gate of Protection — 6 Comments

  1. It is more than significant that runaway Household Cavalry horses rampaged through London streets covered in blood as they collided with vehicles….on the very same day (April 24th) that Big Ben stopped with the message of 9/11. Here is the link to The Telegraph with the story. As a subscriber to the paper I was able to see live coverage of the incident. It was ominous and it immediately made me think of the invasion which Veronika West spoke of. Here is the link https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/04/24/london-blood-covered-household-cavalry-horses-run-loose/
    God bless

  2. I am in Canada and I heard first thing this morning, “A reckoning is starting in Ireland”.  I don’t know if that’s anything but reading your word, I put it out there. May God’s hand of protection be over His people in the UK.

  3. John 11:11 Jesus will visit the UK to wake her up from her sleep – being dead in trespasses and sins, somewhat like the very dry bones of Ezekiel 37. He is calling her out of her tomb of sin to come forth and live again, live the resurrected life of Jesus. Gal 2:20. Thanks Prophetess God richly bless you and all yours✝️

  4. Yvonne, warring over this in the spirit as I started reading. Thank you for being obedient to Father God in releasing this word. It sure fits with Veronica West word, etc. You surely have eyes to see and your hearing ears on! I love you my sister. ❤️

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