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It is Time to Possess Your Promise — 5 Comments

  1. I agree with you the brother is anointed preacher.Comenting on
    your skin itch,some one said,demons work very using our natural bodies.
    One of the reasons to tell,whether a sickness is natural caused or demons caused is this.If a believer suspect demons are behind the sickness and engage in spiritual warfare,if relief happen because of the warfare,the sickness is demon caused
    I have similar experience of skin itch,when I did spiritual warfare,I sensed the itch stopped.Then I determined to fight all the way till the demon stop it’s attack.

  2. Thank you for such an anointed message. As I read your message, I am having severe skin rashes issues, and I started to declare I’m dead to my flesh by the Holy Spirit and the itchiness stopped, and I’m still declaring my skin to be fully restored. Another thing is, I have been praying that my eyesight to be restored. I have been using reading glasses when I am in front of my computer. As I was declaring I’m dead to my flesh, I found my eyesight is improving. I do not need my reading glasses to type all this! Yes, by the Holy Spirit, I’m dead to my flesh! Glory to the Lord. Amen.
    Look forward to read more of your message from the Lord!

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