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What The LORD Said About the Escape Rapture and Fire — 11 Comments

  1. I read your prophesy. I also know what I see the the Word.
    I can see in the scriptures a pre-tribulation rapture of the Church.
    So you being a man of God can understand that I’m going with what I see in the word and not what you spoke through prophesying.
    But here is the part that matters.
    There is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.
    Whatever happens and when is a sovereign act of God.
    If I’m right in what I see you will be raptured right along with the rest of the church even though you don’t believe it.
    And if your prophesy is right the we will both go through the tribulation.
    You said yourself we are saved.
    As for the fruits. I somehow think our fruits and rewards will include our whole Christian walk and not just 7 years

  2. I would like for people to see the pre-trib rapture through the word which I have attempted several times to answer from the word. But as we see the pot of division being stirred again and again from different posts lets switch to logic to show the stupidity of the argument. So a person believes that Jesus is going to rescue them out of all their trouble and take them to Heaven and have a meal with them, however, they are mistaken and Jesus does not come and deliver them so they remain in the earth with the tribulation suffering crowd standing shoulder to shoulder with them how does telling someone they are wrong change this scenario where is the great sin of deception you speak of they will be right there with YOU!

  3. This view of tribulation perfecting people who believe in God, lets look at the bible eg Jesus came in to the earth produced all the signs of the old test prophecy, at the crucifixion the earth shook the sun was darkened the vail in the temple was torn in two 3 days later there was an empty tomb which of these religious book studiers repented and accepted Jesus! Then we can look at Peter who denied Jesus 50 days later obeying Jesus waited in Jerusalem for the promise was baptized with the Holy Spirit went out revealed the prophesy of Joel which the Holy Spirit obviously revealed to him met the guy at the gate beautiful who got healed who do you think set up all these intersecting paths up where 5000 people heard and believed. The tribulation period saving people is a lie and as far as Jesus coming with an angel parade when a person dies and taking them to Heaven that is in the word of God (thess), what happens to those who living when the time of the gentiles ends when the tribulation period begins ARE THERE PEOPLE WHO ARE BELIEVERS WHO WOULD GO TO HEAVEN IF THEY DIED BUT SINCE THEY HAVE NOT SO THEY ARE APPOINTED FOR WRATH THE WRATH OF THERE SAVIOUR AND THERE FATHER

  4. Speak TRUTH Brother…
    Too many charlatans pretend that they’re pastors and preaching rapture denominational bull but omitting coworking with Elohim and overcomers aspects of their sermons…
    Disciples of denominational heresy but not Disciples of YAHshua our Messiah…
    YHWH help…

  5. Tried to point toward prophetic words that show we are entering a new era of God’s fulfillment. There are many such words in this site.

  6. Suggest listening to what the Lord is saying through numerous prophetic voices about our entering the era of God’s fulfilments of harvest, bride, body of Christ in this world. Jesus didn’t do all He has done, for things to just fizzle in darkness and His firstfruits become fodder for Satan’s lawless one.

  7. Thank you brother Ken,

    Indeed it is shocking the number of teachers and pastors who are deceiving believers with the false teaching of a pre-trib rapture. It only takes reading all the end times verses once to see that it’s false. I don’t know how people continue to buy into it :-(

  8. Thank you. You sharing this confirms why it has been such a burden on my heart to know the order and timeline of these things accurately and the burden to pray for pastors who actually teach on these things. Thank you for your obedience.

  9. Thank you for sharing His Word, what an awesome, awesome. May the Lord bless you and keep you, May He shine His Face on you and give you His Peace.

  10. I will never forget when I read for myself, in the bible, and saw the error of pre-trib rapture. As a new Christian I stumbled for a time.  Recently, a supposed end times teacher came to our church, who I knew was going to teach pre trib. I prayed the Lord would close his mouth before he taught falsehood and he was struck down with laryngitis.  I felt bad, as he was clearly a believer, but that damnable heresy has such a stronghold in the church it is blinding millions. God help us!  Everyone should be regularly asking the Lord if any idols of the heart have crept in. Otherwise we become subject to Ezekiel 14 and end up believing lies. Thank you for your teaching brother.

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