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  1. I hear this, Beverly and believe this is a ‘Now’ Word.
    I receive my sister. May you proclaim as a true mouthpiece now and always. I love you my friend. ❤️

    • Joyce,

      Your goodness & kindness of heart spills over onto all those who you are around.  GOD is so pleased with you & your “GIVING ” heart.

      Thank you so much for responding. You are BLESSED & HIGHLY FAVORED of the LORD.

      May HE continue to protect & provide for you mightily in the days ahead. May HIS LOVE shower onto you, even MORE!

      BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. Much and good work, dear sister.

    I have on my heart to speak for those who are not sticking in selfmade holes, but who were / are purposely and aggressively blocked and hindered by evil forces, some for 10 YEARS or more.

    Amos 2:7 They pant after the dust of the earth which is on the head of the poor, and pervert the way of the humble.

    Please read more than this Bible translation. Soon eyes will be opened for all.

    • I understand exactly what you are saying Myriam. Evil has been blocking and hindering as much as possible, even utilizing people and spiritual forces against many. It’s been an increased fight/war for the last 10 years at least for sure! I PRAY the Lord will send EXTRA reinforcements (both angelic and human ), to help now in this intensified season.  Sister Bev is right on TARGET!  Oh LORD send help that we will be prepared and ready in Jesus name. AMEN. Blessings and thank you Bev for your usual timely words! Jesus, Your beloved needs You NOW!

      • JC,
        Thank you so much for your wise response to Myriam. Your kindness of heart is in full bloom.

        Thank you also for your kind words for me. 

        You are a BLESSING to the body of Christ & willing to be used by the LORD, as is His desire.

        May GOD fill you up with more of HIM, to overflowing, that it continues to spill-over onto others, as you serve Him.

        BLESSINGS! Bev

    • Myriam,

      The Beloveds of the LORD & everyone else goes through seasons of our lives, that at times can seem unbearable. You aren’t alone, GOD is with you.

      I went through a 14 year season, that seemed unbearable at times, where I was constantly being taken to court (approx 80 times in 14 years) by the same person, on top of all the other things. This was as a single parent of a young child, while I worked part time & went back to school full time, to finish my BA & also get my MA to be able to work in the field the LORD was directing me to go in at that time. Not an easy task, as I was also driving 3/+ hrs daily back & forth to school as well.

      GOD was so GOOD to me, that each time I had to appear in court, HE showed up mightily & GOD won despite what the enemy was trying to do to destroy me. 

      It sent me on a quest for deliverance, because if the enemy is allowed to get in to attack us, then oftentimes we have an open door allowing him to come in. We may also at times be asking him in without realizing or understanding what we are doing or what our parents & those before them, have done before us to bring generational curses onto us, again allowing the enemy to come into our territory & attack. 

      I began seeking the LORD for REVELATION about my parents, families, etc.  GOD used history as a wonderful teacher to help to understand the circumstances & lives of those before me.

      Then I asked for GREATER DISCERNMENT & STRATEGIES of what HE wanted me to do, as I wanted all doors closed, since it wasn’t just going to court, as the enemy tried to bring in stress, sickness, unforgiveness, etc to my life, again to try to destroy me.

      GOD taught me strategies in many areas including, fasting, prayer, worship, & HE kept giving me new weapons of warfare to be used in various ways, as I sought HIM & learned to trust HIM deeply. 

      I sought deliverance through help from others & asked daily for GOD to deliver me from any evil & for HIM to teach me about self deliverance.

      GOD aligned me with prayer partners, so we were all then using iron sharpening iron, which helped greatly. Exactly what was needed!

      These were all things I used to get free, so i could continue to move forward & walk the walk GOD wanted me on.

      But, the enemy also attacks when he senses GOD is going to “increase” us through giftings, anointings, power & authority, etc. He doesnt want us moving forward in any way.

      We have to remember in the midst of battle, that GOD will continue to teach us, as we are willing to be willing to HIM. 

      HE doesnt waste time, energy, strategies, or anything else, HE uses it all to help us get free & continue to learn & grow in HIM. We have to ask for help & seek HIM. We cant let our own heart or prejudices or feelings get in the way & hold us back by stalemate or push us backwards. We have to be obedient to whatever HE tells us to do & get rid of any pride, stubbornness, rebellion, deaf & dumb, religion, self-reliance, distractions, perversion, idolatry, or anything else getting in the way of our relationship with HIM. It’s all about HIM, not us. 

      The enemy attacks to remove us from GOD’S family, any way he can. PLUS he knows it hurts the LORD, when we abandon HIM, for the things of the enemy.

      I hope what He has allowed me to share helps encourage you & gives you strategies so you can strengthen your walk in the LORD.

      May GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU. May HE make HIS Face to shine on you & give you HIS peace. May you grow in HIS words & ways to have HIS strength to continue to overcome what is before you. May you walk in His wisdom & whatever else HE has for you.  You are the BELOVED of the LORD.


      BLESSINGS! Bev

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