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Jesus First and U.S. Elections Later! — 2 Comments

  1. In September, God Himself showed me in a dream that the election will take 4 days, without showing me its winner.

    On November the 7th, Joe Biden was announced as the President-Elect. But before that, on November 3rd, God showed me something personal about my life, which indicated that Joe Biden will certainly and brilliantly triumph in the election process.

    I praise God and I thanK Him.

  2. Praise God! Yes my Brother- I agree that we will not be So distracted on this Election and that we will Keep Our eyes on the BIG Picture which is JESUS- Our SAVIOR and LORD! We will Press toward the Mark for the Prize of the High Calling of God, which is in Christ Jesus! Lord, please Help us to keep the Main Thing, THE MAIN THING-YOU!  Abba Father, YOU are Still in Contro!❣️☝

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