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Jesus Has the Power to Heal — 4 Comments

  1. The message RE the MIND (SO CAL)…CONFIRMATION
    I have been diagnosed with bipolar last year 2019 and for years fighting severe depression (suicidal thoughts). Plz KEEP (remember me and my SISTER Tina is in the hospital 4 a month from a massive stroke).
    Thank YOU TRAVIS 4 allowing the HOLY ghost to LEAD YOU. I KNOW THIS was FROM GOD⏰⌚☝☝☝

  2. This is wonderful. Hope to see more of these. One of these could be for me..I have been going through hard times this year. I always read what you post.

  3. Thank you LORD. Indeed you the God who sees. Thou great physician Your wonders to perform Thank You for granting healings to these brethen.

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