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Jesus Is With You Now and Forever — 3 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! God bless you, Minister Travis Coffey! I extend acknowledgment, peace and greetings to you my beloved brother, a prophet called by the most High God! I sincerely thank you and appreciate your act of obedience to the Lord with sharing this powerful message.

    My heart aches, desires to be caught up in the Rapture, to live with Jesus forever, experiencing his full Spirit, love, peace, joy and fellowship in him, along with all of my beloved brothers and sisters in the Body of Jesus Christ. I would unimaginably be excited and delighted to experience the full love of Jesus within complete compacity, on a level in which my human mind could never truly fathom, comprehend or understand.

    Much love to you brother and Minister of God! I truly extend the highest praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for sending you to impart his Word and message to his people. I pray that Jesus will continue to use you for his Magnificent Glory!❤️️

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