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The Sluices of Heaven Are Opening — 5 Comments

  1. This is a timely word.  With all the upheaval manifesting around us, now more than ever is a time to trust in the Lord – or to learn to trust in Him more fully.

  2. Your words, (from this new heavenly dimension you now write from) touch me at the depths of my soul. God is truly speaking through your posts, showing a new depth and maturity in Christ Jesus.  Amazing.  God bless you, Deborah.

    • Well said Rorok, I agree!!
      From the position we’re in at His Right Hand, in His Son, plugged in and infused with His Spirit, I thank you and bless your beautiful heart Deborah.
      As I’ve walked through the Valley, the encouragement you’ve shared from this place has been a Light and a Lamp unto my Path.
      Thank you :)

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