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The Bells are Ringing for Spiritual Warfare — 1 Comment

  1. I always spell AmeriKKKa with 3 K’s to remember the country is being run by these evil people.

    God will turn it all on its head and tear it all down. I saw in a vision the black communities in America rising with love and the power of God.

    – He will vindicate and expose the agenda’s of the KKK to bring civil war to America, God will be with the Black Communities and others who are targeted for this plan of wickedness, and they are the ones who will not respond to the tidal wave of hate being manufactured to prepare America for marshal law and for foreign invasion.

    He will turn it all on its head – what was first will become last and what was last shall become first. Humble yourselves and prepare your hearts to hear from Him alone as He directs people to shepherd communities within the chaos and exposure of leaders people thought were true.

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