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Joy in The Journey — 2 Comments

  1. Thank God for you Sandi, what an encouragement you’ve been to me, and I am so grateful to God for you.
    Father, so may of us have lived with the pain of abandonment and rejection and our hearts hurt. Thank You today for meeting us there with the experience of Your Love and Truth.
    In Your Beautiful Name :)

    • Dear Cheri..sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I so appreciate your encouragement, I have been trying to finish my long overdue book on the heart but today have been so focused of shouting it from the rooftops that When the War is in your Head, Let Only Truth Come out of your Mouth. I experienced much pain of abandonment, abuse and rejection in my early life and so I am so blessed with Counseling for inner healing and hearts restored, Be blessed, my friend as you Walk in His Love and Truth. Some Walks we have to take alone (with only Jesus) Love and blessings…Sandi

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