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The LORD is Freeing You — 6 Comments

  1. Praise God! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke, praying that you are overall doing well!️Thank you Lord, for sending, allowing our beloved and precious woman of God, Pastor Reinke, to share the Infallible Word of God, the divine Prophecy of Jesus Christ, to his Church, his Bride, continuing to lead us to Victory in which he has already won years ago, for this I extend my hands towards heaven, to our heavenly Father God in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, in total Praise, giving him all of the Honor and Glory!

    Thank you, beloved Sister Reinke, for your continued, faithfulness in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,assisting with Kingdom building, encouragement, inspiration in/through the Anointed Power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost! God’s Word is always delivered within a timely fashion and manner.

    I extend much love, peace, blessings to you, your family Pastor Reinke and my beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, Israel, all over the world. Let us continue to pray, encouraging, inspiring one another to be faithful, enduring this race in Jesus Christ, until his work is complete in, through us. I love you all!❤️️

  2. Thankful heart this word been the freedom as yet this enemy has tested my heart, my companions near me it is done Thank you Lord breathing life words with more ease now in many more today is a new chapter pf living words to this this fight

  3. Twice this past week I heard a woman’s voice say, in the Spirit, “you’re free!” The first happened this past Wednesday night service. The sermon was on “being free” from those who have bound us. The second is this rhema word. I say Yeah and Amen to my wonderful Master and Savior, Jesus!

    • Thankyou for this message asvit was very on tje ball for my life and asking God for along while what is goingbon father you have now answered my prayers praise your holy. Name Jesus Amen

  4. Father, it will be a honor and privilege share the bread that you give to others. To carry (to be!) a basket full of your bread; what a joyful work!

    Thank you for free me to you; to they!

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