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  1. I didnt want to believe it… even for a few weeks defended Pence, but the Lord has shown me the Traitor was Pence… one close to Trump.. I had thought Mcconnell but he was never close to Trump…. but Pence was… wearing a BLue Tie to the Electoral Certification final vote…. received a Gold Coin from a Prominent Liberal Democrat… the Fly that landed on his face at the Debate which was a sign of the enemy Balzeebub (Lord of the Flies) Christian Attorney Lin Wood and his discoveries of Pences involvement with the CCP, the Global Elites, Soros, Gates and the Vatican… its to much evidence..

  2. WELL.

    It SHALL be revealed
    Two dancing with deception as wings as black imps flying AROUND in the.HOUSE of Representatives…complete betrayal from WINGS of far right and LEFT (GOP and DEMOCRATS) complete espionage. What will take placed on Jan 18 leading to Biden’s inauguration Jan 20…STAY tuned God will answered☝☝☝⌚⏰

  3. Your word was SPOT ON for Mike Pence. Hit the hail RIGHT on the head.  I would say quite confidently that that woman you saw would be Nancy Pelosi!  For it has now been revealed that they have spoken secretly together.
    Pelosi has publicly announced on her official twitter feed ( for example ) that she and Schumer wants Donald Trump REMOVED FROM OFFICE.  Her words below:

    “The President’s dangerous acts necessitate his immediate removal from office. We look forward to hearing from the Vice President as soon as possible…”

    • Agree with both of those interpretations (Pence and Pelosi).  Interesting they ran off together when the ‘protesters’ entered the Whitehouse building

  4. Mark Roberts, I always read your comments and you explain things very well and I believe you hit the nail on the head with your response.

    • Leonie, Thanks for your encouraging words.  To God be the glory in everything!  In these critical days, I am trying to stay close to Him, to prioritize the reading of His written Word and to receive encouragement from some prophets who fear God and not man, namely, Veronika, Amanda Grace and Mark Taylor. Blessings, Mark

  5. I don’t understand this: “I saw that this man, if given room, will be instrumental in bringing a death blow to the presidential victory. Again I saw a war that is raging in the heavenlies for Kingdom occupation of the White House. (The presidential victory of Biden?)

  6. Thank you again,Veronika. I am agreeing with you, with Holy Spirit, every Word, and call for this individual’s blatant exposure and that he/she will fall into the trap he has set for President Trump. With my heart full of gratitude I praise God, His will be done. <3 DeeAnn Brandon, Bozeman,MT

  7. Veronica, I thank God for YOU!  May God reward you greatly for your obedience to his mission he has given you! May God strengthen you in body and in spirit and give you a fresh resolve to pursue his favor.  We need you to hang in there as God voice for us!!! 
    I pray and declare that ALL the plans of the enemy be brought to NOTHING, but I declare the demise of the perpetrators that are the willing pawns of EVIL suffer the result from boomerang they throw.  Surround and Protect President Trump, YOUR CHOICE!  EXPOSE NOW, this minute, the murderous betrayer and haters that seek the ultimate destruction of President Trump and therefor your plans through him!!!  YOUR WILL BE DONE NOW. Satan has lost the battle over America, God has won and always will!  EXPOSE, EXPOSE,EXPOSE!

  8. Veronika if you hear from God continue to speak with boldness….. Don’t be discouraged by those judging you right now. That Dem lawmaker that said “amen” and”Awomen” to the end of his prayer to a “monotheistic” God including Buddha is just the beginning of God causing the “wise” to become foolish. Judgement is upon them. God cannot be mocked. Whatsoever a man sows he reaps. Sit back and watch the action unfold all skeptics.

  9. Thank you Veronica for your faithfulness . I stand in the battlefield knowing that my God is bigger than all that the dark throws at the light. For he is mighty and he is faithful to his people . Believe in his word BELIEVE!!!


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