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June is Setting the Pace! — 12 Comments

  1. Your words from the Lord are such a blessing, dear Sandi.  Hope filled and uplifting, they are encouragement to look ahead and believe that God has not forgotten those of us who are weary. Thank you for your obedience to share what God has told you.  God bless.

    • Hi Rorok, I am so pleased that you were blessed and even more happy that your hope is renewed. It has indeed been wearisome but the battle belongs to the Lord and we win!@ I am attending a conference in TN at Patriot Church in Lenoir City and the speakers have taken a strong stand to take our country back and there are even a few there from other countries. We all need to lock arms with one another as we stand firm and hold fast to His unchanging promises. I sense He is reaching down at this moment and lifting us up higher above the raging storm. Thank you for your kind words! Sending blessings to you. In His magnificent love, Sandi

  2. Thanks so much for your very sweet encouragement to me as well. Many more blessings to you TL! Sandit

  3. Hi Sandi, I cannot express the joy in my heart for this owesome Word and love letter from the Lord!!! This words are not only so beautiful and encouraging but it is like a beautiful poetic song from the Lord for His family.  I have been sad for all that is going on and when I read this word I felt the joy of the Lord!!! Thank you again Sandi for posting this very timely word for all to enjoy.  Blessings to you and yours!!!

    • Dear MF.. I am totally over-joyed at your joyful response. As I penned it led by the Holy Spirit, I also felt poetic and that the Lord was releasing a song in ours hearts. Many blessings! Sandi

  4. Amen Amen! Such an amazing time to be Alive!
    Praise God, Abba-Father! Thank you for sharing this wonderful word for the world!
    Blessings Sandi! :) \0/

    • Toni,You are so very welcome. I am blessed by your blessing for me! It is indeed an amazing time to be alive. As one, Sandi

  5. Sandi, what a joyous prophetic word!
    Praise & honor & glory to the great I AM. Our Father is a good, good father to all who turn to him & his Son!

    • It is my joy to send out a word that carries a message that brings joy and gives glory to the Father. After all, Jesus went to the cross for the joy that was set before Him. The resurrection life brought Joy out of sacrifice, death and giving all! Many blessings to you John, Sandi Holman

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so so so so so excited! Thank you Lord for your goodness! Praise God for what he’s going to do and already has done. Praise God praise God.

    • dear RL, He is such a good, good Father. We set our hearts on what He has already done, what He is doing and what He has promised He will do. He is the Lord of yesterday, today and He holds all of our tomorrows. So much to get excited about, right? It will bring joy and peace when His love steps in and rescues us once more from the evil plans of destruction that the enemy is working. Many more blessings to you, Sandi Holman

  7. Hallelujah Praise God!! My heart was dancing for joy through the whole message. How exciting!! May God bless you beautiful Sandi. ✨✨

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